Friday, November 7, 2008

A New Puppy if You Win...

I'm going to be honest here, not that it'll be a big shock, but I did not vote for Obama. I did not love McCain, but I voted for him.

I read in a psycho-babble, fix yourself type of book this summer that sometimes we tend to put people in one category or another - they are either all good or all bad. If they are in the all-good and they screw up, then we plop them in the all-bad. Neither is true of just about any of us. Charles Manson probably is the exception, okay Hitler too, but most of us have a foot solidly planted in each camp. I realized I have a tendency to do this with friends. Not a great trait, but one I recognized and continue to work on. I did say, sometime previously, that I am a work in progress, right?

So when I read in this morning's paper that Obama is busy with picking his cabinet, etc. etc. it also shared that Michelle Obama had spoken with Laura Bush. A visit to the White House is being scheduled for a couple of weeks from now, when she will bring her two young daughters.

Next line of business for the Obama family - pick out a new puppy. Apparently the two little Obama girls bargained with their father, during the campaign, that if he won, they could get a new puppy.

Sounds like something that could have happened in my home, maybe in your home. Sounds like normal parents. Normal parents with different stances on moral issues, the economy, etc. but probably anyone who would agree to let their two little girls pick out a new puppy, if they became President of the United States, does not have both feet planted in the all-bad camp.

Just the way this GRITS girl was thinking as she read the morning paper.


Gretchen said...

I love this line of thinking, Bev. Not surprised it came from you. xxxooogretchen

Dana~Are We There Yet? said...

I made the same promise to my kids. I was not elected President, ergo we will not be getting a puppy. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

And you know who's REALLY getting a puppy, right? The Secret Service! Don't you know they're doing the happy dance about now.

Dawn said...

I'm working hard at being less negative - it's hard!

Judith said...

Bev, Thank you so much for showing the humaness of this man who ran for president.

As his daughters, along with much honor, comes a huge price they will give for being there. Their childhoods just changed for forever.

Because I chose him to be our pres, I may be a little biased here, but I feel a change of scene in that grand place we call the Whitehouse, couldn't be shown any better than by those little girls romping all over the green with their canine friend. My choice would be a Golden Retriever. Can't you just see its long hair rippling in the breeze as it chases them.

Sarah said...

I can make the choice easy for them--I have a nice little lab who'd make a great pet ;) Don't think we're going to miss watching "Marley and Me"! Although I have to say that the book was a lot more charming when I didn't actually own the lab yet.

Barb said...

His older daughter is allergic, so they're trying to come up with a puppy that she can be around. I'd recommend a Shih Tzu. Of course. I guarantee you, no bad guys would ever get past the front door of the White House. :-)

Obama wasn't my pick either. After I got over it, I realized no man is all bad, just as you've said. My way of accepting that this election didn't go the way I wanted it to is to pray for him.

Amanda said...

I love this. Such a fresh and positive and honest spin on the election of our new President and his family. Thank you.

Amanda said...

I just found your blog some how from A New Chelsea Morning. I'm not really sure how I got here, but I'm so glad I did.

I love this post. I didn't vote for him either, but I will pray for him and his family. I thought it was sweet that Michele's mom is moving into the White House with them. For some reason I love that!