Thursday, November 20, 2008

Over the Hills and Through the Woods with many, many hours on the interstate...

To Grammy's and Papa's place we go! That we bought almost two months ago and haven't been back inside. We've loaded the car, to drive 1300 miles south for two weeks with our original five, two of the three 'married into's, and our four beautiful grandkids! Spending some time at the lake, hanging out with our kids and their kids, baking pies, going to church, board games, late nights with coffee and / or Marble Slab, we probably won't make it through half the list, but I'm sure it'll be wonderful start to finish.

And we're taking all this:

And he said, "Is that all? I expected a LOT more."

Thank you Lord, that when I piled up the stuff to go on this trip, including soup bowls, board games, griddles and skillets, a deer head and large mouth bass, blankets, pillows, sheets, and every single thing I could think of that we might want to have there with us, he said, "that's all?".