Sunday, December 28, 2008

Getting Back to Routines

So Christmas 2008 is history. It was great, start to finish, but regular life comes calling, and our house is thinking that sounds pretty nice.

After two nights of leftovers I pushed the last bits of stuffing and cranberry sauce down the disposal. Nothing really sounds good, but tomorrow evening's menu will be something besides turkey and dressing.

Don took down the outdoor decorations yesterday while the weather was cooperating. Here in Pennsylvania, if you wait it might be snowing and in the teens. When it hit 50 degrees and wasn't raining he grabbed the chance, so Mr. and Mrs. Reindeer are back under the stairs. Believe it or not, unlike my sister and daughter who usually take down their trees on December 26, I've started leaving ours up til the end of January when I'm good and tired of it. It's so gloomy and grey here all winter that those twinkling white lights are a bit of cheer.

The Snow Village that I 'collected' this year will stay out til at least then, maybe even a bit longer than that, because after all it snows here til at least early March.

Tomorrow it's back to laundry and cleaning bathrooms and running errands that don't involve Christmas sales, etc. and somehow that feels pretty good. Sometimes routine feels very comforting.


Becky said...

I love Christmas myself. But I also love to have everything gone and organized and clean and sparse by the first of January.

This is the first year in I can't even remember how long that I am not completely tired of my tree(s). I think it is because instead of the huge tree with 327 ornaments, I put up 3 small trees with a handful of homemade ornaments. It will take me about 32 minutes to put everything away as compared to days.

Oh, and I already took down all the peripheral stuff. You know, the boxes of stuff all over the house. Just the trees remain.

I'm completely enjoying them, and it isn't even dreary here.

Gretchen said...

Agreed. Sometimes those routines are a comfort. They give a body something to do besides eating, too, which I've done (more than) my share of. Really hoping that our next scheduled snowfall, which is the 3rd/4th doesn't impact the going back to school routine on the 5th! :) I'm feeling a bit like you in that I'm not quite ready to take the trimmings all down yet, though. I don't know why that is either, since today would be my mom's 64th b'day, and we NEVER had anything Christmassy up on the 28th because we were sensitive to her "merry b'day" issues. Just different this year, I guess...

I like your back ground. Might have to go hunt one down for myself.

Kelly said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family! We are just back from the cabin in the mountains and I'm catching up on some blogs before I head out to work. Ugh- although only two days and I can get back to my holiday routine of wearing only jammies and pony tails, so I shouldn't complain:-)

I'm with you- I love the twinkling lights on the tree, they just lift my spirits so! If I had my way the tree would stay up year round, although then I'm sure it wouldn't be nearly as enchanting.
Happy New Year- I love the nesting that comes with January as I get all back in order... and you always inspire me with your ideas, so I'm eager to see what you have planned for January:-)

Barb said...

I've decided to leave everything as is for one more week. Nothing about my routine can get back to normal until Cameron goes back to daycare next Monday so I figure, let him enjoy the tree, the lights and all the Christmas decorations for one more week.

Your new snow village looks more like "winter" than "Christmas" anyway, so you should just leave it out as long as you like.

Like you, I do love getting back into a normal routine after Christmas. And like you, the last of the leftovers went down my disposal too. I'm making pork chops tonight. LOL


PS= thanks for the tip about giving Cameron's gingerbread house to the birds. I think he'll love that. I know our doves will!

Paulette said...

wow same here, my tree is usually down the day after, but this year I am feeling more sentimental so I am leaving it up awhile. Christmas is more and more special to me each year so I guess I want to hold on a bit longer.
As the seasons change so do I.
How are you Bev, I have been so out of whack since starting a children's choir at church, we did a big musical for Christmas and it kept me busy.
Can't wait until you move here to Texas so we can meet one day!!

Jen said...

I feel routine is very comforting as keeps me accountable. I like it. Our Christmas will officially be put away is all down just not tucked away yet. I go to the grocery today....and kind of looking forward to it. No hustle and bustle.

Susanne said...

My back to routine hit me bright and early this morning when the dayhome kids came knocking on the door at 7:30 a.m. Nothing like work, laundry and normal meals to shake me back to routine.