Thursday, December 4, 2008

Settling in

It's December by golly, and there are packages, cookies, decorating, all waiting to be done, right after I do the laundry, dehair, pay the bills, etc. When we left for Texas two weeks ago it was still fall. We've walked in the door to Christmas season and a flurry of activity, that I'm trying to NOT do at break-neck speed. I'd considered letting this blog take a long winter's nap, but decided instead to tweak things a bit. I'll post now and then, as a tool to keep up with family and friends. What we're up to, a recipe here and there, but nothing that will make for deep thought. Mostly quick posts with fun photos. I think I can do that til we list this house and hopefully sell it sometime in the early spring.

Comments on my posts? Sometimes, sometimes not. Mostly not. I'll still be reading my favorite blogs, but hope nobody will feel neglected if they don't see me leaving comments. Life just doesn't have room right now for comments on either side. So without further ado - photos of our Texas Thanksgiving:

The finished product - a decorated gingerbread house, each grandkid got to do one side all on their own! Papa added doors, windows and icicles.

We think it'll be a fun tradition to carry on, and it was a heck of a lot of fun for $9.99.

The lakehouse has an island in the kitchen. When the grandkids walked in, we grabbed the griddle and got busy making pancakes. They ate them up!

Four little monkeys, sitting on the hearth, no matter that they aren't all looking in the same direction!

Landon found a drawer full of caps and hats and thought it best to wear them all at once.

Leslie, our cyberschool teacher, found the best internet reception on the upstairs deck, so she bundled up and settled in to grade 'papers'.

Papa makes a snuggly TV partner.

All together (except Jeremy who was in Pennsylvania deer-hunting), in one place. Hopefully Jeremy can make it to Texas in the spring, when we hope to have the First Annual Family Bass Fishing tournament!

We spotted these boys very near our home and pulled off the road to capture their photo. No Christmas cards this year, but if we were going to send them out, I'd put a 'Bev' under the brown one, and a 'Don' under the black one, and we'd send them out saying 'Merry Christmas from Texas'! Our hands-down favorite photo, sans grandchildren, of the whole trip!

A quick P.S. to Diane - we could not believe how beautiful Arkansas was - driving across, it took our breath away. Lucky you!


Barb said...

Wonderful photos! The most shocking thing to me is how big Addie is now. I couldn't believe how much she's grown.

Your very first time to stay in your future new home and already, it's a real home. I'm so, so glad you and Don and Leslie got to go down there.

Leslie on the deck cracks me up. Nothing, I mean nothing! stops a school teacher from grading papers. LOL

Betty said...

Very nice family photos! You have a lovely family and it´s good to see them all. I bet it felt good being with there with them all!

Kelly said...

What a beautiful family, and clearly a good time was had by all as you christened the new homeplace!

Welcome home... and enjoy the cooler weather of your last winter in the north:-)

Diane@Diane's Place said...

What great photos to sum up your grand family Thanksgiving.

And that is a great shot of the longhorns. :o)

Glad you enjoyed your trip across Arkansas. Remember, we'll be neighbors after you make your move to Texas, albeit long distance neighbors. But it's still a lot closer from here to TX than from her to PA.

Enjoy and savor your holiday season, Bev. Contrary to what we may have thought a few years ago, there are things that are a lot more important than blogging.



Kelli said...

Loving the new template. It makes me feel all Christmas-ey and stuff :)

Seriously, we moved back here to OR anticipating the snow for Christmas.

SO far?

Nada. Zilch. Nothing.


So sad.

I love the pictures of everyone. I can't believe how BIG the grandkids are getting. Wow.

Have a blessed Christmas, dear friend.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow :)

Deidre said...

It was so great to see pics of the grandchildren (I have missed Sarah's posts). Addison is SO BIG - my goodness. God is good.

I don't necessarily need any 'deep thought' - I love anything you write about ;)

Have a wonderful 'stress-free' Christmas, Bev!

Susanne said...

What great photo's Bev. I especially loved the kitchen island one with the kids gathered all around it while the pancakes were cooking. Such a great memory shot.

Dianne said...

Great pictures! The steer picture is a classic though - you need to come up with a clever line and submit that to a greeting card company!

Michelle said...

What a beautiful post Bev ..Loved it.The pictures are amazing how fast the grands grow! I remember reading about Miss Addison and now just look at her!!! The Boys look great.Love the one of Landon with the caps.Have a very Merry Christmas Life of Grits Family.

Paulette said...

Hey Bev,
I loved the pictures of your family at the lake house. You will love it out there. I cannot wait to come see you sometime after you move and settle in, it will be such a treat! Everything you do at your lake house is what I do at my adopted parents not to far from ya'll, especially the bass fishing! I'll bet ours will be bigger than your's! Tell your guys to try cedar creek lake!! They even have a big Bass fishing tournament every spring.
May you have an amazing holiday season!

Gretchen said...

Lurved every bit o' this post, Bev. Thanks for mentioning about the comments--I was starting to feel stupid re: where is that darn comment button??? LOL. Sadly, it doesn't take much to put me off kilter.

Those long horns are...well...long! Very neat photo.