Friday, December 26, 2008

Warm Fuzzies from a Wonderful Christmas

Show and tell day! Many, many photos, and a few words:

It rained all day on Christmas Eve Day, so the live Nativity Scene moved indoors! What an absolute hit with the little kids. The big kids seemed to enjoy it too.

Landon loved feeding the animals and listening to them bleat or moo for more.

Don and Jeremy ushered the 6 pm service, along with 6 other men. We had over 1500 people show up for the first service, and the worship center only holds 1400. The energy in there was such fun with so many wiggly little kids. I was proud to watch Don take the fire from the center candle of the advent wreath, then hand it off to all the other ushers. who handed it down row after row. I love taking a moment to look around, during the last verse of Silent Night, and the only light is from all those little flickering candles. We met Jeremy when he was not quite 19. Not quite 30, we're awfully proud of the husband and father he's become. He makes a pretty good usher too.

Family photo - we've taken a photo after church service, in front of these trees, on Christmas Eve for 12 years now. A sweet tradition. We snapped a few for other families who have the same tradition.

These socks were inside my stocking on Christmas morning. I personally think getting socks or underwear speaks volumes of love. Only someone who really loves you would give you socks. I'm in love with the argyle with kiwi green. Santa brought Don new T-shirts, strongly suggested by the woman who does his laundry...

Funniest, and maybe most thoughtful gift DH gave me. They're even pink with a carrying case.

From my Mom. I am absolutely in love with Billy Graham. I think he's the greatest preacher alive today, and a few minutes with him each day for 2009 will be awesome. Ruth was one blessed woman.

So Christmas excitement begins! L&J gave Landon a bin of dress up clothes. This one is a combo of Matey Pirate and Fireman Bob's hose. I love seeing this chunky kid in those clingy, striped pj pants that are so flattering to his figure.

Fireman Bob to the rescue. His walkie talkie makes siren noises to make his Mama a little bit crazier. This looks like a photo that will resurface at his wedding reception slide show someday!

Uncle D and Aunt NaNa gave him these lovely punching hands. They say, "Don't Make Me Angry, You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry", and they gave them to Caiden and Grayson down in Texas too, so there can be very fun punching reunions. Landon had a blast punching everyone in sight, starting with his Daddy.

Then he thought the top of his Papaw's head was a good landing spot too. Papaw was a good sport and played along. Landon's hat - another choice from the dress up bin.

One of my sweet gifts. Sarah made me lounge pants from a sheet at our lakehouse, she added 8" onto the length so they'd be long enough, and they have a drawstring, which was a good thing when I put them on last night! She called them, "A piece of your lakehouse" there with you in PA. I'm so tickled she took up sewing.

The gift that made me blubber like a baby. Our four monkeys grandkids, this photo was taken when Leslie was in Texas recently, on the last day of the visit. Imagine dragging these four wiggly characters to Target and trying to get them to all pose. If the house was on fire I'd grab this. I love it more because they're all wiggly in the photo.

Last few minutes of Landon's #3 Christmas, watching "Wonder Pets Save the Baby Reindeer" with Papa. Riveting. We followed this, after Landon was tucked in, with a viewing of Mama Mia, which Santa was good enough to bring me. The men ate it up!
Sweet, sweet Christmas day. I hope yours was too.


Gretchen said...

I love the sense of tradition and sweetness your post evokes. The picture of you in front of the tree is wonderful. Lurve your lounge pants, and perhaps the favorite picture of all is Landon and Papa on the couch, snuggling, with toy or thumb--can't quite tell--safely in mouth.

Saw Mama Mia on the 23rd. Loved, loved, loved.

Giggled and cried my way thru Marley and Me today.

Glad you had such a fantastic Christmas.

Sarah said...

Dad looks a little too interested in the Wonder Pets!

Happy 26th to you, Mom! :)

Barb said...

It's so nice to see all these photos. Such a nice Christmas, and Sarah's gift just makes me smile, it's so thoughtful.

Dianne said...

Great pictures, which i still can't view from my laptop at home for some reason (it's Blogger, not you!) Love the little monkeys in their white shirts and blue jeans - so sweet!

Justin Bowers said...

Man, somebody did great with your family picture at the church! Amazing photography!