Saturday, January 10, 2009

First New BFF of 2009

This - my new BFF. We met at Bed, Bath and Beyond in one of the middle aisles. Her name - The Shark VX3 Floor and Carpet Sweeper.

We needed the model with more umph, at $69.99, cordless, no bags, two speeds so that after it sucks up all the pet hair puffs around here, it'll take them right off the rug in the front entry too and will run for 50 minutes on a charge. There's an oscillating wand that will bend in half to go under coffee tables, etc - simply fabulous! If you don't have two hairy beasts in your home, you might do fine with the $39.99 model that runs for 30 minutes on a charge, and still bends.

With coupons it came to $55.99.

Quite simply, it didn't even have to be a pretty shade of pale pink for me to fall absolutely in love with it.

Wood or tile floors in your house? You NEED this! Want one? Go here. Or here. You won't regret it.

1 comment:

Gretchen said...

Sorry...I can't have a BFF who is skinnier than I am. Even if she does clean.

Oh, I jest. You know, my Dyson Animal/Pet vacuum does pretty well, but it's not fun to haul out. Now you have me thinking.

Danger, danger, danger. ;)