Tuesday, January 20, 2009

From the Heart: Marching for Life

I visited Washington D.C., once in the spring. I toured the White House, a few of the Smithsonians, the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol, Arlington Cemetery - all the usuals. It was wonderful and I'd love to go again because you truly can't see it all in one trip.

Nobody has feet that hardy. If you go to Washington D.C. take your favorite tennis shoes, because you'll walk and walk and walk.

Our church goes every year, on January 22nd, taking a bus or two full of people, who leave at SIX A.M. (!!!!) and get home around MIDNIGHT (!!!!!), and I've never gone. I'm not a 'join the crowd and scream and be radical' sort of person. Even at football games or concerts you'd likely find me with my arms at my sides, pretty quiet. So I won't be going crazy, screaming at anyone, and I'll likely be a bit horrified at some of the displays I see, but I'm going with my middle daughter, Leslie, so I'll have a non-crazy buddy to hang with all day.

This time next year I may live 1200 or more miles from Washington D.C. Our son, Dan was born on January 22 so this date, to speak up for the value of life, is even more special to me, and it's on my Bucket List to go be a part of this, once. I'm also going to pray it's not in single digits and that, two days after our new President's inauguration, the crazies on both sides don't come out to sling words and worse at each other. That part isn't on my Bucket List.


Michele said...

What a wonderful cause! Hope the trip is great! Stay warm!!!

Barb said...

Washington DC is a crazy place today, for sure, and the gabillions of people standing in the crowds are shivering like nobody's business. So wear your heaviest coat and two or three of the scarves I made you. LOL

What a wonderful opportunity, to be able to take part in such a worthy thing. I'm glad you and Leslie are going.

Jill said...

What a neat experience to have. Now more than ever we need to make sure our voices of Life are heard.

Can't wait to hear about your time. Hope you have good shoes to wear!! Maybe a knitted hat and scarf too!!

Gretchen said...

You go girl(s). March those tootsies off for life.

I have a great Sanctity of Life Sunday post for you to read. This is a friend of mine and she read it at church on Sunday. When I grow up, I want to be like Jean.


Sammy said...

Thank you for the very kind note you left on my blog today. I really appreciate it. And yes, hearing from a veteran mom that I am normal really does help! :-)

Robin said...

That's awesome Bev - I'll be there with you in my heart. I'm not that kind of a person either - but if I lived close enough - for this - I would be there.

Rachel said...

Hi Bev,
This is my first time posting on your blog. Just wanted you to know that I too will be at the March on Thursday. I haven't gone in about 16 years, but I am sooo excited about going again. I am a director of a crisis pregnancy center in MD and I'm looking forward to a wonderful day, and coming home encouraged and ready to continue fighting for the unborn. So glad to hear you are going to fight the temps and crowds with me. God Bless!


Kelly said...

Good for you, Bev! It's sure to be an amazing experience, and what a great thing for you to share with your daughter. We live in a suburb of DC and I've never made the walk... maybe next year:-)