Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sabbath Superbowl!

After a few months of attempting to spend Sunday's all curled up, with pajamas and bedhair firmly in place til as late in the day as possible - this weekend we're up for a change of pace.

We live in Pittsburgh.

These people are Steeler crazy.

My daughter, Leslie, married into a local family who bleeds black and gold, they've got football on the brain much of the year, so even if we wanted to (because we're die hard Bronco fans and have a dog named Elway to prove it, which BTW is not nearly so much fun this year), there's no escaping the craziness all around us. Leslie's husband, who played quarterback through college years, is pscyho crazy about this team, and even DH's office will be going nuts today, waving those terrible towels, wearing their jerseys, and very possibly having their own version of a tailgate party at lunchtime today.

DH may come home a bit grumpy from it all.

This Sunday - rather than being lazy and cozy and quiet and reflective, we're cooking massive amounts of comfort food - healthy things like bbq wings, a pot of chili and some of that layered taco dip, then appetizers whose only criteria for being included in the menu is that they include large amounts of cheese, and a few choices of dessert. Probably something all foamy to drink.

When in Rome, do like the Romans do.

We can wear pajamas and bedhair next weekend, once this town has finally settled down a bit. I've heard that the Dallas Cowboys said they had an opening in their stadium roof so that God could look down on his favorite team. Now our newly inaugurated President has made it clear who he's cheering for. So I have to wonder - what's God up to this weekend? Sneakin' a peek maybe?


Becky said...

This was fun! Bedhair on the weekend is my favorite thing :)

I made you a cake. Come check it out.

Kelly said...

My husband is a die hard Bronco fan, too, and would be thrilled to have a dog named Elway. Even though neither of our teams made it to the super bowl, we'll be cheering on Kurt Warner- what an amazing guy!

Leah in Iowa said...

Hubby is a Steelers fan, but he still bleeds red. =) Anyway, we'll be cheering along with you!

Barb said...

The two years in a row that the Broncos were not only in the Super Bowl, but won it, Denver went crazy. But it was a lot of fun. The Super Bowl is no fun at all if you don't root for someone, so we're hoping Pittsburgh wins. I hope they do, for Jeremy's sake - I know he's completely psycho about them and would love, love to be behind the scenes, watching him watch the game today.

I love that seven layer taco dip - haven't made it in ages, which is dumb because it's so easy and it's delicious.

Have fun today! xoxo

Susanne said...

I'm watching it today, though no superbowl party for me, it will just be me and the dog. LOL. But I'm cheering for Pittsburgh because of the Canadian connection. The kicker is is from Canada. Go Steelers.

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Bev,
I hear ya! There is ZERO relaxation at my house today, too. We're hosting a party and there is a huge pot of chili cooking on my stove as I type this. We can relax next week, right?

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Linda said...

We Texans don't really have a team in this Superbowl (and just for the record, I am thoroughly disgusted with Jerry Jones and the Cowboys), so we've picked the Cardinals strictly because of Curt Warner.
I agree with Barb - you must have a team to root for. So..go Cardinals (apologies to your son-in-law).

Anonymous said...

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