Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, Ice, Snow, Ice, Snow.....

I think it looks pretty much like this all across the eastern half of the nation. We're getting blasted, and our kids in Texas tell us there's major ice there too.

We started the day scraping ice covered with snow off the driveway, then it started sleeting again, covering up all we'd cleaned. Freezing rain the entire day, and it just started snowing like nobody's business about an hour ago.

I seriously can't tell if this picture, of blowing sleet, is sideways or not. One way or another I couldn't see across the back yard.

School was closed today all around here. Church activities are cancelled tonight. The library is closing early too. Our church never, ever cancels anything. Easterners are pretty tough when it comes to bad weather.

I'm going to try to think of it as God watering all those bulbs in the ground. It doesn't give me much encouragement that the groundhog is going to have good news next week, however.
BTW, exercised two days in a row (and that doesn't include the driveway this morning, or doing it all again when DH gets home tonight). The dogs are impressed - so far, so good. I'm snowed inside, might as well work out.


Gretchen said...

And, my friend, I found a hole in the sky (finally) with sun peering down, so I got out of the cave and took dogs1 and 2 for a walk. DH thinks dogs are embarrassed by clothing, so we don't do much, but I think Murphy looked fetching in his faux shearling faux suede jacket.

I'll pray that you keep your power, and that folks stay safe.

Proud of you for workin' it out, Dog. xxxooo

Sarah said...

That's what it looks like here, too.

Okay, so not really at all. But if I'd looked out at 3 a.m. in the dark, it would've looked similar! It's all completely sunny and melted now--my kind of ice storm!

Susanne said...

Oh that looks nasty! Brrr.

Fresh Girl said...

We got some beautiful snow today, too, but I'm just about ready for Spring! ;)

Jill said...

We have missed every snow storm this year. My kids have their boots, snow pants and sleds all ready and the snow goes 100 miles to the north or south. Bummer.
Wonder why my husband(Texas raised) is not complaining?
Snow shoveling is great exercise!

Barb said...

It really does look bleak. Snow I can handle, but not combined with ice. I feel so bad for people who've lost power - it's one thing to be all warm and cozy inside when the weather is like this, but it's quite another to have no power.

Thank goodness this is all on the outside, where you live. Great time to say inside!