Sunday, February 15, 2009

Welcome Home Party and Boys

First morning home, the dogs snuck upstairs for a visit in bed. Janae loved all of it - being photographed just awake, and the smell of dog breath early in the morning.

Dan loves that we moved the wine rack / cart out of the middle of the kitchen.
Opened it up for double dog wrestling.

Dublin came back for more. I wonder, who do you think won this round?

Landon thinks it's awesome having a rowdy uncle home to play with! The mysterious world of males....


Becky said...

Janae sure is a good sport. Y'all hare having you some real live fun!

I bed Dublin was happy to see his daddy and mommy again.

Sarah said...

That first photo made me laugh out loud! The look on Janae's face is priceless. The things we do for love! (Of course, we know all about that today, don't we??)

Maybe you could figure out some way to cram that dog in their suitcase? Just wondering . . .

And I could eat up Landon with a spoon!

Judith said...

I don't think there's one more inch of room for family love there. And the man to beast wrestling match, obviously a draw.

Glad all of you are having such great time together. Landon looks like he's just found his best friend forever.

Mandy said...

These pictures are hilarious! They remind me so much of Aaron with his golden retriever, Doc, when we go home. And of course Cameron and his Uncle- definitely the mysterious world of boys LOL!

I am happy to be back in the blogging sphere- but so wish we all lived closer to one another!


Gretchen said...

Dubby is so excited to see his mom and dad! Too adorable. But that Landon...scrumptious.

Kelly said...

I'm thinking if Janae knew there would be early morning pictures she may have been the one hiding the camera- ha :-)

Looks like lots of fun, and testosterone is clearly ruling the house for a few days... enjoy!

Barb said...

Such adorable photos. I love the first one of everyone in bed together. The grin on Danny's face (when you enlarge the photo you can see it) is priceless. And I love the last one. The grin on the baby's face is also priceless.