Friday, March 27, 2009

From the Heart: Love and Respect

I think I've promoted the book before, (it's fabulous by the way) and our church is hosting the conference this weekend.

That happens to be our 28th anniversary.

March 27, 1981 - both of us wore clingy knits and had babushka hair! How can you not love that I wore pink and he wore baby blue? And no we did not spend much of our budget on haircuts back then. Clearly.

We look older, but less dorky these days. Possibly because we both got rid of half of our hair; also I rarely wear pink and he NEVER wears baby blue.

We signed up. To spend our anniversary sitting in a worship center, listening to speakers and taking notes. Because even after 28 years of marriage you still need to work at it. We made a commitment, sometime after our wedding vows, that we were in this forever, N.O. M.A.T.T.E.R. W.H.A.T. Marriage doesn't ever get completely easy, but it can get better all the time. We're heading into a totally new season of life, when Don retires and we move away, so we figured we need all the equipping we can get. Looking toward being together 24/7 will put you in that frame of mind.

If you haven't read the book - do. If the conference is coming anywhere near you, go. It's going to cost about what we would have spent on dinner out, and there are no calories involved. What a deal!

The authors have a blog, and you can read it HERE. This particular post, on setbacks and how they affect marriage was good stuff.


Kelly said...

This book looked so good to me at the Christian bookstore, I actually bought it twice, returned one and now am trying to commit to reading the one I have!

Happy Anniversary! I think it is so encouraging that you still work on your marriage, 28 years into it. I hope we are the same and never become complacent about things, but are always working to draw nearer. I actually find that I enjoy marriage more each year. Even though it doesn't seem to be easier, it does seem easier to fight for it instead of against it. Does that make sense?

Have a great time!

Bev said...

Absolutely it makes sense. Don and I say we argue more now than we did before our first marriage class, but it's all good - we used to just go to different ends of the house and not talk to each other for awhile. Much healthier to fight for what matters, as long as it's fighting together.

Becky said...

Oh, those are great pictures, Bev, just great. And I think we have mentioned this before, but our 28th anniversary is next Saturday, April 4. Isn't that fun?? I'll have to post a picture of our wedding photo next week.

Great idea for the seminar. Never too late to make things even better. We are a ways away from retirement. Well, the Butler is anyway. He is only just this year turning 50. But I am looking forward to it at the same time I am dreading it, you know? 24/7 is definitely a new era.

Have fun!!

Gretchen said...

I read L&R about 2 or 3 years ago, and knew it was a keeper, so didn't pass it on.

Happy, happy, happy anniversary, Bev.

Both pictures are just great.

We're working toward 19 this June. I say working, because it IS work. But it's the best kind of work to me. I find that I agree with Kelly's comment about the marriage being easier to fight for the longer we're both "in".

Glad you'll be getting away from the chirping refrigerator.

Barb said...

Oh my, Bev. How is it that I seriously do not remember Don having all that hair and I don't remember him having that beard either. He must have grown that after you two moved to ND because I don't remember him having it in Englewood.

I LOVE that photo. I love the pink and baby blue and all the hair and look how skinny you were and it's just the sweetest picture ever.

I love the other one too. Almost as much as I love both of you.

Happy Anniversary to my favorite sister and brother-in-law. xoxoxo

Renna said...

I've seen you post that picture before. I love it! It's so indicative of the fashion of the times. You look so sweet faced and innocent, and maybe just a tad scared? ;-Þ

Happy anniversary!

Dawn said...

Congratulations on your 28th. We are facing the retirement thing, too, but thankfully are not making a big move at the same time.

I love the previous two posts - that is one smart mama to have you record the sound. Brilliant!

And the one about the two elderly ladies - priceless!

Dawn said...

PS - you guys look great!

Kristin said...

This is a great book. We lead a couples group and we all did the study together last year. We haven't been married as long as yall but even after almost 15 years, they were much needed lessons! Plus, I think God always blesses us for doing our best to make our marriage stronger.

Susanne said...

You two look adorable, both back then and now. 28 years! Amazing. Happy, happy Anniversary to you both!

Linds said...

You both look absolutely wonderful Bev! I share your wedding anniversary - I think I may have said this last year. We would have been married 33 years this year. I remember my wedding day back in 1976 as if it were yesterday. And I think it is wonderful that you are still looking to learn more about making your marriage work. Happy Anniversary!