Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Was Wrong and I'm Willing to Spend $5 to Admit It

So back in January I posted this, telling everyone how to look younger.

I was wrong.

For $5 there's a lot easier way. And I'm willing to pay that $5 for the rest of my life or the next twenty years, at least. Maybe thirty.

Talking with a girlfriend recently, whose hair happens to always look fabulous, I just asked, "please, if you don't mind, tell me where you go, who does your hair, and how much do you pay?" And being a good girlfriend she told me everything.

When she told me she what she was spending to cut and color her hair every four weeks, I really thought, 'oh my, that's too much money, I can't justify that.' So I went on about my business, getting mine cut and coloring it myself. Which is just a blast, as you can read from the above-referenced post. Takes over an hour, makes a mess, and is a pain overall.

So when I saw her again, over the weekend, I asked, 'please, I'm sorry because I know I asked you this before, but could you please tell me where you go, who does your hair, and how much do you pay?', she was gracious enough to tell me again, without saying what she may well have been thinking.

I came home from that shower and thought about it. I realized I am paying for a haircut and buying a box of haircolor, paying a total of $5 less than she is to have both done for her - the whole kit and kaboodle. $5. That's an increase of $50 a year to have someone else cut and color my hair, because her haircut is $20 less than I've been paying.

I broke up with my hairdresser Monday morning, phoned the new shop, was told I could have my hair done if I could be there in 19 minutes and I was.

I walked out two hours later, with my hair cut in a new, funky cut that sort of sticks out all over, looking a bit like I stuck a fork in the socket, in a good way, and it's a fun color -with just a touch of red highlights to it.

For $5 more. And it wasn't even my birthday!

So please disregard the previous post, ask around and find someone who doesn't charge an arm and a leg, and have them do it all for you. Seriously. She did a better job, it covered my 50% gray better and the cut is cuter.

Which, by the way, upon finding out that I'm 50% grey, and sharing that news with my daughter, she thought that was fabulous to hear, since, as she put it, at 53 I'm probably not going to live to be 106, so my hair will likely never be 100% grey, or at least that's the way she figured it.

The math works for me, on both counts.


Barb said...

Your new haircut sounds really cute and I'm dying to see a picture. And I'm guessing it was Sarah who did the math? Cracks me up that she figures you'll never be 100% gray.

Good for you, for finding a new hairdresser and saving enough that you don't have to mess with coloring it yourself. Now I need to do exactly the same thing!

Shauna said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)

Susanne said...

And where, Missy, is the picture? You tell us of a new and funky cut and color and no picture? Hmmmph. ;v)

Bev said...

We're off to Texas in two days, so I'll be sure and hand the camera to someone else during the week - hopefully on a good hair day! I'll show you what I got for my $5! xoxo

Sarah said...

See, and I said I wasn't any good at practical math. Clearly, I was wrong. :)

See you Friday!

Gretchen said...

OH, now that's math I can live with. Yes indeedy! I can't wait to see you with all your cute turned up to the highest volume.

Leah in Iowa said...


~ Leah

Anonymous said...

Yes, a picture is definitely a must! I'm not sure the math ($5 more) would work out in my case if your friend pays $20 less for a haircut than you do...I don't even pay $20 for a haircut!! Maybe that's why my hair looks the way it does...hmmm... I used to color my own and then started going to a salon only to go back to doing my own to save money. My husband helped the last time, (DON'T let him know I told you so!!) which was a big help except now he's started to notice gray roots on everyone. He never noticed that before. Not so sure that was a good idea! Have a great trip!! I'm envious!

Kristi said...

Oh, don't you love Sarah's math?!