Saturday, April 11, 2009

Do Something to Celebrate Easter

Easter is going to be a bit different for us this year. Don and I are participating in something at our church called 'cardboard testimonies'. It's been done at other churches around the country, is very simple and powerful. (You can get an idea of it by clicking here. I tried to upload it and it just would not cooperate.) One by one we'll walk out onto the stage and hold a piece of cardboard with a few words depicting our life before Christ, then flip it over to depict the difference He's made. I think there are about twenty of us participating. We'll attend church Saturday night, then both services Sunday and I'm excited about that - we rarely go to the Sunday services and it's always fun to be with all those people we haven't seen in awhile.

Then at some point during the day we're hoping to help Landon find Easter eggs in a patch of grass yet to be determined, and we'll figure out an Easter meal too. Not sure what or where or when, but honestly I'd be fine with KFC - it's much more important to all of us to just be together. I found some fun plastic eggs at Walmart that depict the animals from the ark, two by two. I think they cost all of $4, but he should have fun playing with them, then of course there are peeps - you gotta have peeps!

We're finishing up Easter evening enjoying a yet-to-be-purchased, chock-full-of-calories dessert at Jeremy's and Leslie's house, and after Landon is tucked into bed and fast asleep we plan to watch Money Pit together. Jeremy and Leslie are in the middle of renovating their recently purchased home, so we thought it would be good to keep their sense of humor intact. If you haven't seen Money Pit, circa 1986 starring Tom Hanks back when he had fluffy hair and Shelly Duvall who still looks exactly the same, it's full of gut-laughs.

Christ came, died and rose again that we might have life, and in abundance. I'm thankful for that, for all that Easter represents. My sin, past, present and future was paid for in full, once and for all. There's victory over death, and life everlasting that starts right now, here on earth, not just when I get to heaven.

Do something to celebrate this great life he paid for, whether it's an egg hunt with little ones and peeps or church or a big dinner and dessert or time with family, or taking a few minutes to think of what that first Easter morning must have been like, with an empty tomb in a garden, or maybe sunrise service, even if it's just you alone in your backyard.

Christmas is act one - Easter is the finale. So do something.


Jill said...

I love the phrase Christmas is act one. That's a keeper.
We make Resurrections Buns for Easter Morning before church. The kids love them and the visual reminder of the empty tomb really chokes me up each year.
I love Easter and sometimes get so discouraged by the "Yeah Spring" Easter philosophy of the world.
Thanks for keeping it real.

Gretchen said...

The bunny came today...and no one wanted to see tulips in the rain and wind, so we stayed home. The kids played. We painted. And tomorrow--we celebrate some more. I hope to have a brunch somewhere, but you know what? Taco Bell's sounding really good.

Susanne said...

Love the last sentences. Happy Easter, Bev!

Renna said...

I'm curious what your cardboard will say? ;-)

I loved Money Pit, though I haven't seen it in years. You typed in the wrong Shelly, though. It was Shelly Long in the Money Pit.

Dana~Are We There Yet? said...

We are Easter people, and Hallelujah is our song!

I'd love to read your and Don's cardboard testimonies if you'd care to share.