Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter photos for family

So a sweet, sweet Easter, albeit a very full one! Three church services, the choir was awesome. It was great seeing people we don't normally get to, and we had to take the annual family photo in front of the stage that was decked out in daffodils and hydrangeas and tulips.

Here we are, the five of us.

One of us is very funny when you tell him to smile!

Ready to hunt down some eggs in his new yard...


Hope your Easter was just as sweet as ours.


Becky said...

Your boy looks suddenly older. Much. Must be the jacket and the dressing up and the doed up hair. He's getting so big.

Dianne said...

That little boy is styling, let me tell you! How sweet!

Barb said...

He's just so cute, Bev. The last photo is a heart melter. Look at him in his spiffy jacket! Sweet, sweet.

You all look great. xoxo

Susanne said...

Oh doesn't he look adorable in his Easter suit! So sweet. I remember dressing my boy up like that too. His 17 year old self won't let me do that anymore, though. ;v)

You guys make a lovely looking family!

Gretchen said...

Ready to eat him up with a spoon! Sigh...I remember those little Easter dresses & seersucker suits. Great pic of the 5 of you, too.

Renna said...

I know the meaning of Easter, and I celebrate our risen Savior, but, oh, how I miss having little kids in their Easter finery hunting eggs on the lawn at Easter. I told my husband just yesterday that it's not the same without small children about now.

Landon looks adorable!