Friday, April 24, 2009

New Life and Pep Talks

Yesterday Leslie and I spent some time with a brand new mommy and her brand new little one. All of two weeks old, Gracie was dressed in rosebuds with a headband to match.

We took turns holding her, and I was pleased to see that my lap rocking hadn't gotten too rusty. It made for a nice view, taking in those beautiful little rosy lips, and watching her face squish up in funny ways, as she lay there dreaming.

Leslie did a great job of giving a pep talk, "you're going to be great at this, just give it a few weeks. Don't be too hard on yourself, and it really is okay if she cries now and then. It's good for her lungs!" Landon picked dandelions for the new mommy, and petted the baby's head. He liked her a lot, but was curious as to where the dog was...

As I held Gracie on my lap, her breathing was so soft it scared me just a bit. You forget how little and fragile they are.

I did remember if I put my one finger in her palm, she might grab on. She did.

Made my day, completely. Is there anything more precious than holding hands with a two week old? Nothing that comes to mind very quickly.


Becky said...

You look pretty comfortable there, grandma! And I agree, nothing sweeter. I was privileged to hold a tiny premie at our MOPS meeting a few weeks ago. He was 6 weeks old and weighed 5 pounds. Pure sugar.

And I can't imagine what a cozy thing it is to hear your own daughter, a mother herself, helping a new mama with her confidence.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Barb said...

Looks like it all came back to you pretty quickly. Oh my, that picture makes me want another grandbaby. Sweet, sweet picture.

I'm not sure which of you is cuter, but that's probably just the big sister in me coming out.


Jill said...

I love how your daughter gave some encouragement to the new mom. I try hard to remember those days and give good advice too. So much of what you fear/hear as a new mom is scarry and overwhelming.
Love all that pink

Ann said...

Babies are so precious!! And you look comfy, too!

Susanne said...

Sweet picture of you, Bev! I totally agree with you, there is nothing quite like holding a precious newborn!

Karen said...

Oh, so sweet! And a beautiful picture of you!

dianne - bunny trails said...

Aw, what a precious photo. How sweet. You look lovely as does the newest rendition of your blog.

Hugs & Blessings,