Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dorky Schmorky Birthday Goodness

My birthday was two days ago, and I was showered with all sorts of goodness - the day started with a surprise birthday party, hosted by my daughter, Leslie, who gathered my friends for a breakfast brunch. Hard to have a day go wrong when it starts with champagne! My boyfriend got me a 'boyfriend watch' and I love it! Being half blind I can actually see what time it is. The counter is covered with sweet cards, there were presents to open, dinner out for chinese food, and many phone calls from family and friends. Good stuff.

Well, my sister, Barb sent me a package that arrived a few days early, and I set it in the kitchen to wait for my big day. By the time my birthday arrived I couldn't wait to open it and see what goodness was inside.

When you have four brothers, and you're the two girls in the family, it makes being a girl special. Barb and I never actually dressed alike when we were growing up but that's because we're five years apart. For some completely cheesy reason, as we got older, we thought it was fun to pick same outfits and wear them out in public now and then.

I know - we know. It's really dorky. We still like it. Twins born five years apart.

So when I opened this, it just tickled me.

(I cannot take a photo of myself, either I look like I have a double chin, Dolly Parton physique or the flash blobs out everything. This was after a good 20 attempts.)

This one is my sister, Barb's:

When I travel to Colorado later this summer, you can bet I'm taking it with me to visit my sister, and we'll find some place fun to go for lunch, dressed as twins (born five years apart.)

Dorky schmorky! Seriously, either one of us could get hit by a bus tomorrow, in the meantime there's something very fun-loving about dressing alike and going out in public together, with a devil-may-care attitude!


Deidre said...

I love it! I dress mine alike all the time now and they're 4 years apart. My oldest is started to dislike it which totally bums me out.

Happy 'late' Birthday, Bev. I'm so glad the day was a great one - you deserve it ;)

Barb said...

I still have my capri-alls - do you? Bring those too. LOL

Do me a favor. Stay away from buses, OK?

Becky said...

Yay! From a girl who never had a sister, I say "GO FOR IT!" and enjoy.

I am glad you had such a great birthday. It is fun to be special to lots of people, but even more exciting to be special for a big day.

boomama said...

Y'all are the cutest.

Gretchen said...

Happy Belated Bday, my friend! Lots to celebrate in your matchy-matchy-cute-as-a-button-dorkiness. Lurve the daisies in those shirts. They are such happy flowers.

Gretchen said...

BTW, WTG Leslie, for having a surprise breakfast! My fave meal of the day!

Susanne said...

You two make me smile. I love it.

Karen said...

Two days ago from Tuesday the 9th would be Sunday the 7th...So, was your birthday Sunday?? Like, on the 7th?? Did we know WE SHARE A BIRTHDAY???

Just Terrific said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! I think your shirts are cool! I wish I had a sister to dress up like. You're both very blessed to have each other.....but you knew that, didn't you??