Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hotter than Heck!

Leaving PA, the temperature was in the 80's and the sky was overcast. The paper said Texas would be 102.

102. ONE HUNDRED TWO DEGREES...... That level of temperature is usually followed with white lies about how it's dry heat and so it doesn't feel so bad.

102 feels hot, there isn't dry enough air to calm that down to feel like the 80's. I happen to be one of those crazy people who really, really loves the heat and really, really dislikes being cold, at all. I also hate wearing jackets, so it makes winter in PA a challenge. But then, you can't walk around naked in the south either, at least not in most parts, so that could be a problem. Once you're stripped down to a certain level, there's not much else you can do except stay inside and suck on popsicles.

So how hot is too hot? What do you think? And how hot does it have to be before you turn on the AC, curl up next to it and suck on popsicles too? Or do you have a better remedy for feeling like you're about to melt...


Becky said...

Well ... Florida is just weird. Which makes us weird people. We complain of the cold when it is in the 50s, wear sweatshirts if it is below 75, and 102 doesn't seem to faze us in the least.

Not that we like it ... we just know that is the way it is.

Me ... I am a four seasons kind of girl. My favorite place is about 55 degrees with a fireplace and a cozy sweatshirt.

We turn our air on somewhere between the end of April and the middle of May, whenever it hits a constant 88 to 90. Before the humidity rolls in to camp out for the summer. And we leave it on once it is on. We don't turn it off until the middle of October, when the temperatures get low enough (in the low 80s that we won't melt.

I LOVE my windows open. I hate being stuck in a closed up house. Hate it. I despise air conditioning for that reason but I love it because it pretty much saves my sanity also.

Maybe you need to put in a pool. That might help you through your 100 degree days. And I think you are right. Dry heat just means your baking like a cookie instead of sitting in a sauna. Either way is uncomfortable.

I hope you have a good pile of books.

Jeremy said...

If it's very sunny outside anything over 82 is too hot. If it's overcast my upward limit may be stretched to upper 80's, maybe even 90 if the fish are bitting.

Linda said...

In the twenty-six years we've lived here in Texas this is the absolute HOTTEST summer I can remember. If you have to be outdoors for some reason, do whatever it is before nine o'clock. After that - it's sit by the a.c. And I think the popsicle is a good idea too1

Beck said...

It's actually a cool summer here - about 17c today. Not like July at ALL. Oh, and rainy.

Anonymous said...

Dry heat, baloney! Dry like an oven!! You don't see many people hanging out in those :-) One time when we were in Las Vegas it was 116 degrees. I kept feeling a hot gush of air blowing at my legs like the hot exhaust from a car...I'd turn around quick thinking a car was right behind me...only to find out it was just the breeze!

It's been beautiful weather here in MI all summer....70's, sunny & breezy...we are blessed! Now, winter time...that's another story!

Melissa said...

We're near Lake Tahoe, so it's very dry and very hot. But we're also up at 4500-6000 feet elevation. So I'm sure it feels a lot like your weather, only the atmosphere is a lot thinner here. Two summers ago I got extreme sun poisoning. Not fun. I'd take your sun over ours.

pendy said...

In the southeast, the humidity is what is so oppressive! We have been known to turn on the AC during Christmas, but definitely when the outside temperature goes above 75.

Ann said...

We usually turn our AC on when it hits 80 - 85 degrees! We are heat wimps! But we live in north Texas and we don't really have a choice to learn to deal with all the miserable heat! We usually hibernate all summer long!! unless we have the ac on full blast!

Welcome to TEXAS and the wonderful world of HEAT!!

Karen said...

All I can say is this heat is for the birds!! We hit 112 one day last week!!! I don't know if I've ever been in hotter temperature EVER! We wondered if we had mistakenly moved to Phoenix!!

Love and blessings, Karen

Barb said...

Well, I have to tell you, it's over 100 every day now and yeah, it's HOT - but Lord help me if it were humid out here in western Colorado too.

75 degrees outside means the a/c goes on inside. I'm fine until it hits 75 inside. There's something about that number - I'm miserable when it's that warm inside, especially at night. But for the first few weeks of hot weather outside, I run fans and keep my windows open. I love fresh air, so I avoid conditioned air until I just can't stand it any more.

At our age, naked isn't an option. LOL

1Kathleen said...

Florida is for those who can't take the heat. Arizona NOW that is where it is at!!! 122 - so hot they had to close the AIRPORT - that's hot.

Gretchen said...

I'm not a coat wearer, either. Why, it's just something for me to leave behind. For I always have to forget something, and usually, if I remember my children, it's the coat that goes.

I lived in CO for 23 years sans a/c. We made it 5 years in the Pac. NW before caving. I think 2 things made the decision: when it does get hot here, the humidity is too much for me. much grows here that my allergies are nuts (compared with arid/dead-looking CO). :)

I can tell you this. I have acclimated to a NW climate, and get hot ever so easily now. Our summers are perfect for me. They top out at 80 usually--sometimes 85-90 on a really, super hot week.

Jeremy said...

Streetman, TX
Tuesday Wed Thur Fri Sat
102° 100 99 97 95

Pittsburgh, PA (City Of Champions)
Tuesday Wed Thur Fri Sat
79 83 83 76 76

Ahhhhh I love my town, even though 83 is a bit too hot for me. Enjoy TX Bev. Expect these temps well into late Oct. early Nov.

Our high is not expected to top 85 all month. Streetman has one day expected to be below 95 over the next month. Doesn't look too bad bev, our last year in TX we had 60+ straight days of 100 degrees. This is a mild summer down there.