Sunday, June 28, 2009

Love is....a Packing Party!

Remember the cartoon with outlined bubbly people, doing nice things for each other? It would say 'Love is.....' and there would be a drawing of someone washing someone's dishes, or baking a cake or helping with homework, etc. etc. etc. I think the girl in the cartoon had fluffy pigtails, if I remember right, but it's been a LONG time ago. Still, it was a good cartoon strip.

About a week ago I realized I needed some big time help packing up the house. A friend of mine had made an offer, 'call me if you need some help'. Thinking it over, I realized the easy thing to do is be prideful and try to do it all yourself, never asking for help. The smart thing, the humble thing to do is yell out 'Help Please!'.

So I sent out an email letting a small group of very dear friends (and daughters) know that I was having a 'packing party' and was requesting (begging) they'd attend. Refreshments would be served, and ratty dress was suggested.

Here they are - Carol, Cathy, Robin, Karen and Leslie - who showed up and saved my life. We started by sitting around the kitchen in lawn chairs and whatever else we could find, eating Panera salad and sandwiches, then everyone worked upstairs in groups to keep it fun. Two hours later five bedrooms were packed and it was time for a snack break. Cookies and Reeces Peanut Butter Cups before they packed up the kitchen as a group.

Four hours later two floors of the house were packed, labeled and ready for the movers, and I was feeling less overwhelmed and very loved.

Love is .... friend who offer to help and really mean it. (Love is also me cutting off Carol's backside from one of these photos. I may need her help again and posting that would have killed any chances of it ever happening!)

Thank you sweet girlfriends (and daughter who is also a dear girlfriend. xoxo) You were a huge blessing to Don and me.


Barb said...

I'm so glad you asked for help. These photos actually make it all look like fun.

Becky said...

Many hands ... I love the fellowship you get when you work together. It becomes ALMOST play :)

And I am looking to the left here and seeing that profile pic of Barb ... poolside ... enjoying a bit of a spa treatment it seems. Is that not hilarious? I hope she keeps that one all summer. It makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Karen said...

Good for you for asking for help! I have trouble in that area, too. I almost had to call in some reinforcements myself during the packing process. I WAS willing, I just ended up being fine without having to do so. But I felt like progress was made in me by just being willing to call for help if need be! I hope all is going well for you! Love and blessings, Karen

Gretchen said...

Thank you for your encouragement in this area. I have a lot of independent, don't-count-on-anyone-else-or-they'll-let-you-down, only child upbringing history to rewrite. This is such a great object lesson for me to keep in mind, especially since we're having our floors done downstairs in a couple of weeks, which really amounts to a partial move out. Pride out: humility in. Love is: helping friends. Wish I were there to be part of the fun. Hugs.

Ann said...

You can't beat friends like that!! Looks like a great time regardless of the fact that they were helping you move away from them -- eventually!!

Linda said...

Friends are the best! It's wonderful to know they mean it when they offer to help, and it's such fun doing the work together.
I'm glad you asked, glad they came and glad you made such excellent progress all while having a great time.

Annette said...

How lucky you are to have such great friends!!!

Susanne said...

Yay, for friends! It's much more fun with others helping along!

Becky said...

I agree with all of your other Comment-ers comments.

So glad you asked.
So happy you have such great friends.
So great to have the help.
So wonderful to be out of the "overhwhelmed" state.

Take care, and blessings as you continue this journey and are settled into your new home.

Becky Terry

Brooke said...

That is true LOVE! :D