Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maybe it's the Contents of the Fridge....

It's started - clearing out what we don't want or need. Seventeen ads on Craig's List today!

This refrigerator went on Craig's List tonight, after my cell phone was turned off. The calls will start in the morning because the whole world seems to love stainless. This fridge is 1" too wide for the spot at our lakehouse, so it has to go. I loved it, especially the fun pizza compartment in the freezer section. That's why I chose it. Hopefully they make one a lot like it, only 1" skinnier.

Please excuse the mess. Seriously, I probably have two ketchups and mustards and bbq sauces, and whip cream. And can you see that we're just a wee bit addicted to carbs. When that whole Adkins diet thing came out, it passed us right by.

It's actually a bit embarrassing to have this many groceries when it's just the two of us. I may need to think about that fact, actually.

My sister, Barb is probably hyperventilating, seeing the inside of this fridge. (Barb, please show it to Krissy, who will love me even more for being a fridge slob.) This is what a fridge looks like when you buy groceries but are too busy to cook, or always gone because people are looking at your house at 6 pm, and you're at Wendys. There is actually some organization to it - freezer has a coffee shelf, an ice cream shelf (we really like ice cream), a potato shelf, and proteins. The fridge has a dairy and egg shelf, a beverage and giant jar of salsa shelf, a VERY large bread shelf, and then a place for leftovers. So theoretically it's organized, it just appears to be a huge mess.

This white fridge went on Craig's List earlier this evening, and I swear I could have sold it 10 times. We asked $75 for it, because it's 15 years old and sucks energy, and I don't need it.

But I do have to wonder if it's the price or the contents....

I had a bunch of men call for this one, makes me wonder if they think it comes as shown.


Becky said...

I would buy either one of those. You know, I have often said that instead of a freezer (which we got rid of after we lost 2 freezers full of food in one hurricane season) I would rather have a second refrigerator, a place to store the soda and watermelon and all the flours and wheat that I have.

Looks like you are making progress!!

Kelly said...

Thank you! My fridge looks exactly like yours (inside), and even though I know it is truly organized (even labeled the shelves with my handy labelmaker!), I never cease to be amazed by the variety of condiments and salsa that overwhelm the shelves.

We eat out or just aren't home far too often, but I love to grocery shop, and am ever hopeful that I will be cooking, so I continue to fill the shelves!Looks great to me!

Good luck with the Craig's list calls! I need to try that with some of the extra stuff we brought with us in the move, is it pretty easy?

Barb said...

The second fridge cracks me up. And you know what? My fridge seriously doesn't look that much different than your fridge.

"Fridge slob." My word, that made me lol and yes, Krissy will think you're perfect before your fridge could be hers. Except for the leftovers. She and Andy will not, under any circumstances, eat leftovers of any kind.

Hard to believe she's my daughter, isn't it? Rob and I live on leftovers. :-)

This is FUN! I'm so excited for you.

Susanne said...

Your fridge looks pretty good right now compared to mine. It's not organized at all. And it is seriously bursting with condiments. At last count there were 3 kinds of bbq sauce and 7 kinds of salad dressing. LOL.

Ann said...

I love blogging...where else are people going to post pictures of the inside of their fridge??!!!

I know you are swamped with preparations to move, YAY!!, but I decided to tag you for the meme going around right now, "8 things about me". Let me know if you do it so I can read all about it!!

Jen said...

Be still my have boxed wine in the old fridge as well....a woman who is in my heart. I love the stainless steel fridge...a purchase I will make one day as well.

Gretchen said...

Oh, now you have to come and visit. We're fridge twins. ;)