Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Working My Way Out of a Room

Here's the plan:

set up stations of - boxes, wrapping paper, labels and markers and tape, and a good sturdy table to pack boxes on.

Start in the room furthest from the front door. Pack everything in the room that is going, throw away anything that is junk, and add to the thrift store box anything that needs a new home. As each box is packed and labeled, move it to the family room which is center of the house.

Once everything on the floor is packed, take down wall decor, again packing or tossing or giving away, and put it all in the box I've labeled "wall decor". (I plan to take all the wall decor stuff out when we're in Texas, making new decisions where everything goes. Something I've had on the kitchen wall might look fantastic somewhere else.) Patch any nail holes, then touch them up with the paint I've saved for that purpose.

Walk out of that room, and move onto the next. Hopefully by day's end I'll have the main level of the house ready for the movers, trashmen and the back of my car for a ride to the thrift store.

Top floor and basement - ditto. Every few rooms I'll take a break for a klondike bar, or a couple of cookies with milk, and a lunch with some protein in it somewhere in between to keep my energy and attitude up.

It seems like a good, solid plan to me. I'll let you know how it works out.


Kelly said...

Sounds like a plan. Especially the klondike bar part:-)

zentmrs said...

Good luck to you! I just hate packing, so I know I would be dreading your chore. You've got a great plan!

Barb said...

It sounds like a great plan. I always do the same thing, only in reverse order. I take everything off the walls and patch them first because for some reason, a room looks half empty to me with nothing on the walls and that makes me feel like I'm making progress.

Whatever. This time two weeks from now, you won't even have keys to that house. :-)

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I think I'd rather take a beating than move, so you have my deepest sympathies regarding all the work, although I know to you it's work toward a lifelong dream, so it's more than worth it all to you.

Keep up the good work! You can do it! Hip hip hooray!

There, maybe that will help, lol! :o)



Susanne said...

You go girl! I gotta say I don't envy you this part of the move, though.

Gretchen said...

You GO, Girl! You're a woman with a plan. Keep pluggin' away, and you'll be surprised how fast the time goes. I'm getting very excited for you each day. 'course I'm not the one doing all the heavy work. ;)

Teri in CO said...

I like this plan! We are moving in 11 days (back to Texas from CO)... I've been procrastinating packing! But I'm going to start this week!