Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday - Planning for the Week Ahead

I've been home 5 days now, so I'm beginning to feel like I've caught my breath. My back is almost healed, and I've just about caught up on rest. So it's time to get busy, just a bit.

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon is plan for the week ahead. I came home in the mood to cook and bake and clean and straighten, probably from being away so long. At least I don't rememer getting hit in the head! I couldn't find my old menu template on my computer so I went online, googled menu planners and several good ones came up.

This is a good one. This one is a dandy too. I chose this one. I loved the blank template, but better than the template is the fact that it is a five page document, with two pages being the week's menus, and the next three tabs are main dish, side dish, etc. The tabs past the blank menu planner have meal suggestions, and you can copy and paste them into your menu template. I don't mind cooking, I just don't love figuring out what to cook. A planner with ideas for main dish, etc. makes it much easier for me. Once I know we're having enchiladas with spanish rice and watermelon, I enjoy finding the recipe for enchiladas, or digging out my old one.

This particular planner was also in a format that allowed me to change text, so I switched one of the 'sidedish' notes to say "source'. That's where I make note of the cookbook the recipe came from. It also allowed me to save it to my computer and printed out nicely. There's a column with space for making your grocery list, so one piece of paper rather than two, or trying to find the envelope I jotted my list down on!

Hopefully one of the three links will make planning this week's cooking easier for you too. Because I've got packages to mail, a few phone calls to make, bathrooms to wipe down and a bit of laundry, I'm thinking of using this recipe from for crock pot enchiladas, taking the easy way out to start this week off. I'll likely switch shredded chicken for the beef, and add a can of black beans to up the fiber content - filling but not so fattening. They should be good with some diced tomatoes and salsa. Happy Monday everyone!


Gretchen said...

I can feel my blood pressure go down now, as "we're" all settled in. ;) The royal we, of course, meaning you. But I've been with you in spirit, my friend. Enjoy the enchiladas.

Barb said...

You amaze me. I have never in my life planned menus, not even when the kids were still living at home. I just kind of decided what we were going to have, knowing that I always cook too much and leftovers would cover a couple of nights. You are the most organized person I know. You're WAY more organized than I am. I'm impressed!

And crockpot anything, especially enchiladas, sounds like the perfect solution to cooking when it's 102 degrees outside, like it is here. Why didn't I think of that?

Dana~Are We There Yet? said...

Oh Bev!!! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! I've been scouring the Interweb for some planning templates so long, I think I've lost two layers of my corneas. These are perfect! I'm needing to tweak my family binder where I keep all things "family" and, um, "bindery". I have been using templates I made (some by hand and some on the computer), but I need to streamline and now I've got the perfect tools. I can't thank you enough. Really.

You're a jewel! Enjoy being home! And, also, we'll be crock-potting (it's a word) up some enchiladas this week. Thanks for another great tip!

dianne said...

Hm, this is perfect! Thanks for sharing.