Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spoil, Snuggle, Tuck In, Repeat!

Please come to our Party:

When: This Friday, and every other one til further notice.

Where: Papa and Grammy's new little place.

Please bring: PJ's, one stuffed moose, one overnight diaper and clean clothes for the next day. We're likely to get dirty or sticky or both.

Who's invited:

Just you. (Really fun would be if all your cousins could be here, but that might make Papa pull out his hair, just a little bit! Better that we break him in gently. We'll do that once we're at the lake with a bit more room to roam, or places for him to escape to!)

Party Plans: go to the local Farmer's Market, buy fresh veggies, and eat a supper of whatever they're serving. Come home, pop into tub full of bubbles, rubber ducks, He-Man that Uncle D. used to play with about 20 years ago. Come out smelling wonderful, put on p.j.s and possibly have some popcorn or a bowl of ice cream with Papa before we read a story or two. Then tuck everyone under 50 into bed with prayers and a song. (At this point Papa and Grammy will collapse onto the sofa.)

Next Morning Plans: Typical of most slumber parties, we'll get up too early, with frumpy hair and rumbled pjs. We'll make pancakes and bacon, then string fruit loop necklaces with Grammy's big needles and red yarn, and watch cartoons before being delivered back to Mama and Daddy.

The best part? We're going to repeat this every other Friday, while your Daddy and Mama go to small group and don't spend $ on a babysitter. Why on earth would they do that when they can just deliver you to us, to play with and snuggle and spoil?

Babysitter my eye. Let's party instead!


Gretchen said...

Babysitter my eye, indeed. I don't know who's more excited, you or him. :)

What a lurvely way to increase face-time with L while you're still closeby. You're so intentional, Bev, and I glean so much from you. Hug!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Aw, how sweet and fun!! :D

Becky said...

Oh, this was fun! And I love the slumber party idea! You are going to love it as much as the grandboy will.

I have friends that give their son and DIL coupons for overnight babysitting. One a month to use on whatever night they need. It is great fun for ALL of them.

Linda said...

It sounds like the best of parties to me. Have lots of fun - and just think - you get to rest and relax on sunday.

pendy said...

Love it! Wish my granddaughter lived close-by so we could have slumber parties.

Ann said...

They are blessed to have such wonderful babysitters near by!! Not to mention the fun you guys will have!!

Jer, Les and Landon said...

This is precious, and that certain little boy is going to LOVE being with you two. Thanks for being such a wonderful Grammy! :)
Love you!

Barb said...

I know for sure, the fruit loop necklace will not only be a hit with him, it's a great portable snack. :-)