Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Yumminess - Is that a Word?

Have you had the pleasure of meeting Deb, at Homespun Living? She lives in New York State and has the most wonderful blog, so if you haven't visited her yet, make sure you do. Right after you bake this:

Then cut yourself a (large) slice, click on the link and plan to spend a bit of time treating yourself to all she offers. There's knitting, chickens, country life, sewing, giving new life to home furnishings, gardening and yummy recipes. You can find the recipe for the cake here: Ann Brettingen's Swedish Apple Cake.

Wonderful stuff - her blog - and her Swedish Apple Cake. I altered the recipe a bit when I baked it- tossing the apple slices in cinnamon sugar, and I also drizzling melted white icing over the entire thing right after it came out of the oven. (I generally keep a tub of white frosting in my fridge - you just never know when something is going to scream its name!) The cake was good enough we called it Sunday lunch!

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Dan and Janae said...

I have been CRAVING apple pie for weeks now!!!!!! I would eat that whole thing with some blue bell on the side!