Thursday, October 1, 2009

Visit with a Little Pirate

You just never know when a little pirate might show up at your house!

If he can't find his hook he might grab a wrench from his manny toolbox. It'll do quite nicely.

If he's ready for a battle and you don't happen to have fighting tools he might dig through your kitchen drawers til he finds something that'll do.

If you're very blessed, he'll decide to spend the night and you'll get to eat waffles and watch cartoons with him.

Where's my eye patch when I need it?


Susanne said...

A spatula weilding pirate. What fun! Did he make you walk the plank? I've walked several planks in my lifetime with little pirates. LOL.

Becky said...

That spatula looks enormous in that view. He's an awfully cute pirate. Not sure he'd make it in the "real" world of pirating. Everyone would just want to kiss his cheeks and squeeze his neck and he'd be running away.

Dan and Janae said...

He and Gray are REALLY going to have fun playing Pirates in a few weeks!!

Gretchen said...

So darling.

I mean...fierce.