Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cheering on The Next Generation

I can't begin to count how many hours Don and I have spent on the sidelines, cheering for kids - basketball, track, football, cheerleading, pompoming (is that a word?), and one soccer game - played by our oldest, Sarah. She was all of 9 years old, and you can see the nervousness on her face as she's biting her lip. Two notable points here - she remembers this day as having chopped off ugly hair and I'm feeling redeemed that she has a pretty braid with a pink bow to make up for the yellow uniform,
and that man in the foreground is her Daddy, sitting on the sidelines, cheering. I'm not sure if that was before or after she scored a goal for the other team. I think Sarah's kids will enjoy seeing their mama in her soccer days.

So about a thousand games later, with our kids grown up, we're starting a new tradition - cheering for grandkids.
Can I tell you how cute I think it is that Grayson's little legs don't even show with the shorts and the knee pads and soccer socks.
Caiden, waiting for his game to start, squeezing in a few more pages of his book. BTW, look at that book! He's 8 years old and reads like a whiz!
Sitting on the sidelines together, this time both of us with grandkids in lap. Indescribable sweetness.
Hugs for the opponent - how cute is that? Or maybe he was pinching him - they are boys after all. And where are that boy's socks - probably still in the dryer if their house is anything like ours was on game day.
Addie helped as line judge from atop her Daddy's shoulders.
Caiden is a bit more exuberant about playing soccer than his little brother. He ran til his face matched his uniform.
Drat that kid's arm in this photo because I could love it off the charts. I still love it quite a bit anyway.
Pep talk from the coach before Caiden takes his turn as goalie.
Good for him - he stopped one!
Last time through the tunnel, after the last game of the first season of soccer. As soon as the game was over Grayson asked me, "Grammy, will you come to more of my games?"You bet we will. We can't wait.


Becky said...

I was a t-ball coach when my boys were coming up. I have to tell you that those kids are so funny out there. And soccer is not different I'm sure. Except that soccer players have so much more right to be tired. They run THE ENTIRE TIME! I couldn't do it either, Sarah!! You'll tell her that for me, won't you??

Susanne said...

How sweet are these pictures? I loved going to my kids games. And how fun that you will be able to attend many more!

Barb said...

The photo of Sarah is priceless. Just completely priceless, and I imagine our whole family is loving it.

You know, I remember when I'd get home from work, check the huge wall calendars I had tacked up in the dining room, to figure out who was playing what game, and where, and just go uggghhhhhh. Like you, it went on for years and years and years.

And then they grew up and went away to college and among many things that felt like they were missing, I realized how much I missed the kids' games.

I truly can't wait until Cameron starts playing - I don't even care what he plays (probably soccer to start) - I just want to grab a lawn chair, go to a game, sit there and freeze and love every last single moment of it.

Thank God for grandchildren! And your pictures are as sweet as they can be.

Deidre said...

Sweet, sweet post! A different season for you, but sweeter.

I love the picture of Caiden reading before his game. Reminds me of my oldest daughter (also 8). She loves to read!

Kelly said...

The picture of both grandparents with laps full is priceless! I sometimes feel guilty telling my parents about the girls games, not wanting them to feel obligated to come, but this has reminded me that it is their joy to attend:-)

Jer, Les and Landon said...

Wow! I had a lot of posts to catch up on! They're great...I stole all kinds of pictures! :-)
Love ya!