Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday Stitchers Graduate!

Here they are, with their final exam, the 'Mama Bag':
Leslie, teacher's pet :-0 She has several handmade Christmas gifts started, and carved out a craft room in part of her basement.

Tami - on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being highest, she told me she loved sewing a '2' about a month ago. Tami had literally never sewn on a button before we started meeting. She has 8 more 'mama bags' cut out, in various sizes to give family members for Christmas. The one on the left is hers to keep; the one on the right is going to a niece with a couple of skeins of yarn and knitting needles. She told me she's now a '12'.

Melissa, one of the sweetest people on the planet. Her great aunt gave her a machine halfway through the class, and in spite of having twin 3 year olds and a baby she has great intentions to continue sewing. She finished her bag in one session, with both of us breaking into a sweat to pull it off.

My bag, with a bit of a variation. I L.O.V.E. it! I'm sad that I forgot to take photos of Carrie, Reba and Abbey. Carrie took the ball and ran with it, going to Goodwill and buying sweaters that she fashioned into snow caps for every member of her family. She also made sets of wool ornaments and several 'Mama Bags'. I'm pretty sure there's no stopping Carrie now that she's started.
My precious thank you gift from the girls - a little Christmas tree for our apartment. It's quite happy sitting on the kitchen counter and I love turning the room lights off, to enjoy the little white lights on it. We'd decided to pass on decorating this year for simplicity's sake, but this little tree is not only a sweet addition, it will be wonderful in my craft room next year. And the next. And the next.

The glass ornaments have sewing machines and needles on them!

Reindeer with pin cushions on their backs.
Garlands of buttons and spools of thread.

The best ornament, a little mitten sewn by each girl in the class. Teaching this class was a gift to me and I can't wait to see how the girls use what they learned. Sweet stuff.

We're talking about meeting in January for a couple of sessions to uncover the mystery of using a pattern (pajama pants), using stitch witchery, gathering and a few more skills that should have them all well on their way to hours of sewing fun. I can't wait.


SentimentsbyDenise said...

The little tree is simply adorable! It sounds like your class was a great success.

Becky said...

They have accomplished so much in just a few short weeks. The best of which is a new-found love of sewing.

I have often said the the two most important and most enjoyable skills I am so happy to have learned are 1) sewing, and 2) typing.

They make my life so much easier, nearly ever single day. And sewing in particular saves me tons of money and allows me a creativity that sweetens my life.

Congrats to all your graduates! And that tree, those ornaments are so adorable.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad your sewing class was a success. just think how many others they will now inspire! and how sweet of them to give you the christmas tree. you must have been so touched.

you did a good thing, bev!!

Barb said...

The sweetest thing I think I've ever read here, Bev. The little tree? Sob. I'm a mess, it's so moving.

Susanne said...

Love the Christmas tree. Weren't they thoughtful!

Good for those girls. They all look so proud of themselves, as they should! I've always said sewing gives me hives. Hmmm, wonder if you could do something with me. ;v)

Karen said...

I still LOVE that you taught this class to these young ladies! What an impact you are making on their lives! And how much fun! Even though I've been sewing for years, I would have LOVED to sit in on your classes! (and the tree they gave you is beyond precious!) Love and blessings, Karen

Robin said...

I wonder if these ladies know that their lives have been changed forever?
What loving and generous task you took on. But I'm guessing you probably feel like the one who was blessed.

Gretchen said...

I have something in my eye. Sniff.

Amazing. Love all of it. The passing on of knowledge, the girls-ness/togetherness of it, and that tree. Priceless. I'm sure you will never know how these gals were touched by you. And vice versa.