Friday, January 29, 2010

Blissful Blogs Part 1

I mentioned here, previously, that I bought the book, Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey. Wonderful, wonderful book - not only full of great tips and inspiration for freshening up your own blog, but it features a number of wonderful bloggers. I subscribed to a good thirty of those I visited, for various reasons. A few stood out:

Heather Bailey - a fabric designer. If you're into sewing or crafting you'll love her blog. She offers a number of free patterns that print out nicely, on her sidebar. I'm especially in love with the square deal pincushion and bittie booties. She also has tabs that allow you to purchase some of her patterns, worth taking a look at. I'm so tickled to have found this blog; on visiting it I realized I'd sewn one of her quilts, "Fresh Cuts" (it's in Texas, waiting to be finished.)

Jenny Harris' blog, All Sorts is a wonderfully creative place, full of craft ideas, sewing, tutorials, etc. This post, from a year ago, shares her craft room (photo above) with us and it's full of wonderful ideas. The craft room in our home in Texas is just waiting for some splashes of color so this was a great find for me. I don't know that I can talk hubby into this wall color, but I do think the aqua and red look fabulously fun together. And look at that oh so cute ironing board cover -way more fun than my boring beige one. I think this is such a great use of a cabinet that could easily be found in a salvage store. Hmmmmm.

And this one, Raised in Cotton - Carol Spinski - well I'm going to be looking to make new friends when we move, and I'm pretty sure I'd absolutely love Carol in real life. Because she's real. She won't be helping you arrange your craft room but you'll feel better after a visit at her place. So that's it for now - a few for you to check out, browse around, enjoy and hopefully come away inspired like I did. I'll share a few more in a week or so, after you've had time to play at these three. Happy weekend everyone!


Kelly said...


Happy Friday! Thanks for the links... I popped in to Raised in Cotton and am sure to be inspired by her beautiful renovation:-)

I have been loving the aqua and red together , too, and trying to figure a way to include it in my kitchen, which is still boring beige while I decide. Love the energetic color combo.

Becky said...

And now I too am a follower.

Robin said...

Thanks Bev for the good blog tips - they look like blogs you could spend hours in! I too love the red and turquoise - if I can get up the courage I'm thinking of using those colors in my kitchen.

Dana said...

Awesome blogs! I'm following all three now. Thanks! :)

Dan and Janae said...

i have always been a big fan of red and turqu!! i bought an adorable paci hold w red,black,and turqu--its also a great look w red tank or tee and a turqu cardigan!

Gretchen said...

Don't you just lurve Jenny Harris? Her red/white/turq makes me so happy.