Sunday, January 17, 2010

House on Emile Street

There's a new little link on my sidebar, 'House on Emile Street'. It's the house I lived in when I was six years old, and for whatever reason it evokes stronger feelings of home to me than any other house I lived in as a kid. A big front porch that swept around, all the way from the front door that had big steps leading up to it, to the kitchen door at the back where the big pecan tree stood. I spent hours playing dolls, protected from the falling rain by that big porch. Hours waiting for my older siblings to come home from school. Drawing hopscotch on the sidewalk when we weren't sprinkling salt on it to melt snails, but that's what you get when you grow up surrounded by four brothers.

If I ever write a book it'll be called 'The House on Emile Street'. For now it's the name of a shop I'm working to open on Etsy. The virtual shelves are empty but hopefully within a month or so they should have a few pretty things to offer - I'm thinking nursing covers, swaddlers, slings and aprons for mommy and me, dish cloths, table runners, potholders and casserole totes, then knitwise I'm leaning towards fun cowls and knit clutches and such. Way more ideas than time to develop them all, but that's half the fun - to make things just for the fun of creative expression and then see if anyone else would like to enjoy them.

My goal right now is to set aside money to cover taking my Mom on a yearly trip.  First stop will probably be the Alamo and a ride down the Riverwalk on those guided boats, with a stop somewhere for guacamole and chips and possibly a margarita on the side.

I'll let you know when I'm ready to open the doors - for now it makes me happy just to see the photo of my all time favorite old house sitting there on my sidebar.


Linda said...

I'm excited for you Bev. It will be a wonderful way to give expression to your creative gifts and to do something special for your Mom.

If you come to the Alamo, perhaps we could meet for a little chat. We live just north of S.A. I would love that!

Bev said...

Linda, I would so love that! We'll give you a head's up when we're headed that direction and maybe the three of us can share a cup of tea or coffee.

AnnG said...

How fun!! Another business to bring joy to moms and women everywhere! I wish you luck on your venture.

Kelly said...

Love this, and the picture of your sweet childhood home. What a fun goal:-)