Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Seeing Winter's Beauty

We've had snow, in varying amounts, every single day except one since December 24. (Here in Pittsburgh we call it 'Erie spit'.) My hubby makes sure to point this out D.A.I.L.Y. That there's a bit of a scowl on his face makes me think he's not seeing it as a good thing.
You can't put this pillow out in July - a little bit of winter is a good thing, don'tcha' think?

Bird houses look much sweeter with snowy caps.

It makes me smile, looking at this woodpile. Walking by houses and smelling the smoke coming from their chimneys is fabulous, especially since we don't have a fireplace right now. Who doesn't love that smell in January?

I reminded him yesterday, when you have six inches of snow on the ground it's impossible to mow grass. He was able to see the value in that. Maybe, just maybe he'll start noticing how beautiful winter can be. How about you, do you unlove winter's grey days and long for spring, or are you with me, happy there are no weedy flowerbeds to deal with for awhile, so you can stay inside and knit and sew and read and sip hot cocoa (next to a roaring fire if you're especially blessed)?


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Love Winter, snow, cold weather and pretty much all that goes with the package! Of course here in Arkansas we get a scaled down version of the Winter weather you have there in PA, and your place in TX has even milder Winters than we do.

Remind your hubby that this is the last Winter he'll have to deal with all that snow. I'll bet he might even miss the snow just a bit when he's in TX looking at brown grass at Christmas. ;o)



Leah in Iowa said...


Deidre said...

Bev, I always fight looking forward to 'something else'. Know what I mean? We are getting cabin fever with 2 little ones and no way to play outside. Snow would make it more bearable, but here it's just cold with NO SNOW!

Will you miss the snow when you move??

Bev said...

Will I miss snow? Well, yes, probably at times, but we'll come back to PA for Christmas now and then. Don's from Colorado so we'll likely visit there now and then and it snows in Colorado from September thru April and sometimes even May. We chose Texas because it does indeed have four seasons, the long season is summer, in PA it's winter - I'm in love with sunshine and really don't mind when it's hot so Texas it is!

I do however remember the days when we had three little ones in North Dakota and winter was FOREVER - we gave them the entire basement rec room as a playroom just to maintain everybody's sanity! Spring's coming - it's just hard to remember that in January.

Becky said...

Since this is my first real winter in 19 years I am enjoying it. I love the change of seasons and have missed it terribly for all those years.

We have not had any snow yet. But one can hope :)

Susanne said...

I love winter. I don't mind the cold one bit and I even don't mind taking my turn with the shovel. The only thing I don't like is when the roads are crazy slippery.

pendy said...

Sounds wonderful. We've just had cold, no snow...and having to get out and go to work in it...yuk! However, our days are about to be milder and I have to say I like it in the fifties in January!