Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February Sunset

PA is beautiful about six months out of the year. The rest of the time it's drab, drab, drab. The trees lose their leaves, and from November on there's a bareness so heavy that somedays it takes all the fight you have in you to keep it from seeping inside.

We're stuck in the middle - winter is more than half over, but spring still feels a long ways off. This time of year I'm so impatient for color I start poking in flowerbeds with snowy boots, looking for signs of encouragement. Surely there's something under all that dirty grey snow? It's a little early for daffodils and such. I know that. I know they're more patient than I am, lurking just under the ground, waiting to make their grand appearance. Once daffodils and tulips and hyacinths start strutting their stuff I won't be paying much attention to skies.

Right now, when there's no color to be had, on an ordinary grey day, the sun starts to set with reds and yellows that take my weary of winter breath away. A sky that looks like it should be in Santa Fe with saddle straddling cowboys lined up across the horizon. But it's not - it's here in bare, grey PA. Fifteen minutes of brilliant color, enough to get through a few more weeks of stuck in the middle drab.


pendy said...

Gorgeous! Hope the sun comes out here one day soon so we can have a beautiful sunset, too!

Judith said...

Hello daughter stuck in winter weary drab PA.

So near the finish line of this long part of your life. Think of all those flowers and trees waiting for you in the old home state. And while you ponder a warmer place to be, have you noticed your writing getting better and better.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

It's been cloudy and gloomy 4 out of the last 5 days, and snowy yesterday. Now the sun is shining but we have 6 inches of snow on the ground and it's 25F. Could be much worse, I know, but rarely do we get this much snow and cold this late in the Winter. Most of the time our worst Winter weather comes in the latter part of December and through January. Just not a usual Winter at all here in Arkansas.

Maybe we'll get to see a beautiful sunset today too. And don't forget, soon you'll be seeing sunrises and sunsets over the lake in TX.

Love and hugs,


Chris said...

I hear ya! Here in Michigan we've had lots of gray; without much new snow to break up the monotony, until today, that is. Not nearly as much snow as you've had though!

Becky said...

Yes ... I had forgotten that part about winter in the north. Color! Something to look forward to.

Linda said...

When we lived up north, I can remember looking out my windows at the barren landscape and longing for just a little color. You've found a wonderful way to find some.
Here in my Texas home, I look out the window and see the live oak trees with their beautiful green leaves and am so thankful.

Bethany said...

It's gorgeous! I haven't seen a sunset recently because it's been so cloudy here. Funnnn

AnnG said...

what a beautiful reminder that there is beauty somewhere if we look hard enough!