Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stuck Inside - Bake Cinnabons!

18" of snow - oh bother. Make minestrone.

Another 4" of snow - good grief! Stay in pjs and read blog posts. I read this one, by Anna, and got all inspired to bake cinnamon rolls. I haven't made homemade cinnamon rolls in five years but somehow it seemed the perfect thing to do. I mean, if you're stuck indoors you may as well bake something gooey, right?

So I went here and found this recipe. One of the appliances I brought to the apartment is my bread machine. They've come down in price so much from the first ones - you can likely find a decent one for under $50 and they're well worth the money for how easily you can whip up a loaf of bread. Or homemade cinnamon roll dough. They take all the work out of it. Rolling them up and slicing them into these fat circles is not only easy, it's fun - it'll make you feel like a domestic diva!

From when the obsession with something gooey thought struck me, to this - under three hours.

I took a plate of two rolls, steaming hot from the oven, to the older couple who lives next door to us. At 5:30 in the evening, he answered his door, looking like an aged, portly Dick Van Dyke, in blue flannel pajamas. That just made me smile. I told him, 'these are for dessert or tomorrow's breakfast. They're fresh from the oven.' He said, 'how about now?' Absotootly, as my grandson, Landon would say. Absotootly! Eat 'em up.

Then I ran back inside, and grabbed one for little ole me! With a cocoa/leftover coffee combo that involved whipped cream and caramel syrup drizzled over the entire concoction.

So sad, I didn't have white frosting, so I had to get by with coconut pecan - dabs of coconut pecan icing slathered on the top so it melted and ran down into the circles on top of the rolls. So sad.

Bake some, for the neighbors, for yourself. Even if it's not snowing like there's no tomorrow.


Barb said...

"18" of snow - oh bother. Make minestrone" made me laugh out loud. I love your attitude!

And those cinnamon rolls look fantastic. I'll bet the little old man next door was tickled pink.

Dan and Janae said...


Becky said...

Ohhhhhh ... I just ate a lunch of Panera tomato soup. A huge hot bowl that filled me to the brim with warmth and goodness. And then I see these cinnamon rolls and I AM HUNGRY ALL OVER AGAIN.

I took cinnamon rolls to MOPS last fall and the young mamas all wanted to know what kind they were. In other words, what words did the can have written on it? Isn't that so cute? They could not believe that one could ... or would ... make them from scratch.

Eat one for me. I'll be in my pjs in about 4 hours. Hehehe.

Glenda said...

Oh, my! I'm craving one of your scrumptious-looking cinnamon rolls! Sounds like your neighbors are blessed to have you next door!

Susan said...

Oh those look so yummy. How sweet to fun across the snow and share with the neighbor.

Eagles Wings said...

boys does those sound delicious....I know that's just what to do when it snows - BAKE ;-)

Sarah said...

The cinnamon rolls looks really good, but it was the COFFEE that made me sigh! That whipped cream confection looks mighty tempting . . .

Gretchen said...

Mmmm. I used to work at a cinnamon roll shop, and believe it or not, I still lurve warm cinnamon rolls! Yours look divine.

I am a bit jealous of the coffee concoction, though. PRay for me.

For I buy whipped cream to havea little treat upon my coffee, and by the 2nd day, my kids have snuck in and shot themselves so often in the mouth, that there is either a) only a dribble left or b) all I get is air, b/c they've not held it upside down.

Hmmm...guess I'm not over that. ;)