Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For the Family - Papa's New Wheels!

We've been up to our elbows in septic systems (eewwwww!) and are about to tear out the front yard, but for now I wanted the kids to see Papa's new wheels.

At 59, this is his first 'new' truck. When I texted the men in the family, they wanted the scoop - so here it is:

2005 GMC, 1/2 ton, 2 wheel, big enough engine to pull a boat up a 45 degree boat ramp, heated leather seats, Bose sound system for his George Strait CD, captain seats for the first two fishermen, with an extended cab for the rest, sprayed in bed liner, some kind of lid on the bed that locks so you can put your fishing rods in there while you go to Waffle House, new set of tires. White so it doesn't show the Texas dust so much. One owner truck. He said it's exactly what he was looking for and I was tickled pink to follow him home, watching him drive that truck down that two lane road. One happy man!

We were happy to buy local, from two salesmen named Ennod and Jamison. Loving Texas more by the day.


Becky said...

George Strait CD ... that is my kinda truck :)

You know, I think it is just the bomb that your sweet newly-retired husband can have the truck of his dreams to go along with his new house and lake and fishing poles.

And ewwwwww about the septic. Been there ... done that. In fact, ours first hit on Christmas Day a couple of years ago. Good luck with that!

Fonda said...

You said it best yesterday..."Officially Texans" down to the music playing in the truck. Best wishes and enjoy your retirement.

PS. I hear the fish are biting like crazy now that Spring has arrived.

Kelly said...

Yay for him- isn't it a rule that Texans must own a truck? :-) He is official, now!

So glad you are loving life in Texas... sounds wonderful! (Although I am sure you could do without the sewer woes- yuck! Hope that is resolved soon and you can get back to enjoying those lake views!)

Susan said...

Congrats to him!

Sarah said...

I figured he'd get down to business pretty quickly, rather than be stuck at home while you're here for Flavour! I'm guessing you've been running errands in the truck lately, huh? Chris loves his deeply; it's sort of funny.

Sorry about the poo. It'll get better :)

Dan and Janae said...

Love love love!!!!

Linda said...

You cannot live in Texas and not have a truck. It just wouldn't be right.
I'm so sorry about all the plumbing problems. Where is it written that when you move into a new house something has to go wrong?

leslie said...

bev we need some more pictures of that hoping truck... wheres the interior photos.

cheri said...

Our septic problems ALWAYS occur when we have company.

Gotta show my DH your truck. He'll be wantin' one!