Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Exactly Where Did Spring Go?

The end of April - can you even believe it? I can't. We pulled into our new driveway on April Fool's Day, and the irony of that is not escaping us. A month ago. We've been here an entire month and it feels like the fastest ever. In our entire lives.

So May - let's have a talk. May flowers. And picnics. And bike rides around the neighborhood. And good books waiting to be read. And new knitting projects (finished the eternal afghan I started two years ago - hurray for Bev!). Next to June, May is my absolute favorite month, so there are great expectations for it.

This all has to happen in May because I've heard by June Texas gets so blasted hot I won't even consider being outside for picnics and bike rides and such. So I'm counting on May.

But here's the truth - May is actually going to be the month we have the house painted, shutters and faux windows installed, and gutters to deal with the gulley washers Texas gets. And find a way to get the partially torn up wallpaper off the kitchen walls and paint them before we have any official visitors because right now it looks unbearably ratty. And redo all the front flowerbeds that look like the perfect place for a snake or critter to make a little bed. And unpack the craft room, find a place for all the books that somehow made their way into our home - no way did we buy all those books! And we're hoping it's the month we are able to find a good used boat we can afford, and a golf cart for the neighborhood because that's apparently how everyone visits each other. Seriously nobody ever walks in our neighborhood. Ever. I wonder if it's hot here so long that they get out of the habit? Maybe I'll start a new trend and find a new walking partner?

And maybe, just maybe May can be a little of both? Of painting the house, then taking a day off for a picnic in some nearby state park? Of spending a day stripping wallpaper, then maybe some time riding our bikes to check out the neighborhood. And unpack all those boxes of books, one case for fiction, one for non-fiction, one for Bev's self-education and crafts, but maybe also grab one or two we've been waiting to read and curling up on the sunporch with it, just watching the sun go down on another beautiful May day in sun-drenched Texas.

Dear May - feel free to take it nice and slow. We're not in a hurry. Really.


Renna said...

Depending on this year's weather, you might get lucky (we all might) and have a cool June. It's been known to happen. From July on, though, it's hot, hot, hot.

East Texas hot isn't like the hot they get over on the west side, either. There, it gets terribly hot, but they can step in the shade and get instant relief. Come evening, they may need a sweater. It is NOT that way in east Texas. Our dang humidity will suck the very breath out of you. It's nothing to be in the 90's at ten pm. You can shower in the morning, and by the time you get in your car to leave the house, you will be as wet as if someone sprayed you with the waterhose (only it won't feel nearly that good). Come July, I hibernate indoors with my a/c during the day, and we do our dog walking about ten o'clock at night.

In essence, yes, our summers are horrid, but would you believe I don't even own a heavy coat, other than a dressy one which I rarely wear? Texas, she does redeem herself in winter. :-)

Becky said...

I loved this post. That last line is so true. Take your time, May!!

I seriously wore out the phrase, "What a beautiful day!" in the month of April. I think I said it exactly 30 or 99 times. It was SO lovely here. I am amazed that I lasted 18 years in Florida. Hello Seasons, and where have you been all my life??

Enjoy, enjoy! And keep us posted on those sun drenched days on the sun porch.

Karen said...

So glad you are getting settled. I'll volunteer to be your new walking partner--there's just a few too many miles between us for that to be realistic! Hope May is all you want it to be--a good mix of productivity and relaxation!

Love and blessings, Karen

Susanne said...

A day of work, a day of fun. Sounds like the right combination to me.

Sarah said...

May is beautiful here, you'll love it! And unless you and Dad want to look like your neighbors, you might forego the golf carts for a while. (You know who I'm referring to!!) I hope you get to ride bikes, paint the kitchen, enjoy our sunny flowers, and get to Canton! I'm very, very, VERY glad you're here this May!