Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Another Day at the Lake

Our day started with this - spied resting in our backyard at 7:30 am. The neighbors told us a mother deer raises her fawn in our back yard every single year. The fawn was SO little. Precious way to start the day. Precious enough that I called out to Don, "Get up, right now, you have to see this!" Luckily he thought it was worth jumping out of bed for.
I hope I didn't scare her off and she'll be back for more early morning visits.

Sarah helped me clean out a front flower bed last week, and we discovered a bush of "Knockout roses' hiding under the crape myrtles. I cook enough grits and black eyed peas and cornbread that the sign fits my kitchen. And putting anything red in this house just makes me happy. It was all pale blues and peach, so red is a step in the right direction in my book.
Finally an afternoon storm swept up, coming across the lake and sending us scurrying indoors. Impressive to see waves flying up over the seawalls all around us. The martin house Don put together for me will just have to wait til tomorrow, after it dies down a bit. It only took three trips to the hardware store to find the right fittings and poles and such. The old one was in such bad shape it literally fell into pieces when Don tried to lower it.

What you don't see is the four shrubs I dug out of the back and transplanted to the front, newly dug bed, and how nasty dirty I got doing so. Again. We're finding we're going to go through some laundry soap living out here! Working hard makes for very sweet dreams, and healthy appetites :-)

I also managed to plant three pots of herbs - cilantro, parsley and sweet basil. Still looking for chives, rosemary and one other I can't remember, but I plopped them all into clay pots buried in the flower bed. That's good enough for this year.

Just another typical day at the lake - the adventure seems to keep rolling on and we're loving it!


Dan and Janae said...

Love love love the pictures!!!! SEE--taking picrures IS very important!! Can't wait to come spend a relaxing day at the lakehouse!

Robin said...

You are making me count the day till we get to retire. But I don't think I can count that far :(

Muffy's Mom said...

Love the pics & stories Bev!! It sounds like you & Don have settled in quite well! Look at all you have accomplished in just a month!!
What a wonderful site to wake up to! So precious - a Ma & her baby! And those are sure big white caps!!
I think it is so great that you have been able to spend time with Sarah's children! Those are great memories for the kids. Have you been squeezing little Jae's cheeks?
Thanks for sharing these wonderful stories & pictures!
Susan D.

Theresa said...

I would have been the one being woke up, if the deer had been spotted at our house. Good that your hubby got up quickly.

Those are some amazing white caps!

Becky said...

Just another day ENJOYING the lake and all that comes with it. You sound so happy. Happy enough that you may forgive that sweet mama and her fawn for eating your knockout roses and herbs.

Keep posting. I am loving following your adventures.

Kelly said...

Oh, I think I would like life at the lake:-) So glad you are settling into your new home and enjoying it all, and I am not one bit surprised at all you have already accomplished!

Renna said...

I love the picture of the stormy lake! It sounds like you guys are really getting into retirement life. No sitting around in a rocking chair for you, huh? At least not until the day's labor is done. ;-Þ

I planted a small rosemary plant on the southwest corner of my house 3 or 4 years ago (in the ground, not a pot). That small plant is now a HUGE bush! It's about 4' high, and at least that big, or bigger, in diameter. I'm sure I should prune it back. I was surprised, and pleased, to learn that it survives our winters. :-)

leslie said...

I actually totally noticed that the bushes were gone. Looks great! Can't wait to come enjoy these sweet homey touches in person.
Love you!