Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Half Price at Half Price Books!

I didn't know Half-Price Books (and CD's and movies...) go on sale for half the half price sometimes!

A little Johnny Mathis singing Christmas carols... half of the $2.48 regular price!

and this one, for $1.24 - I bought four copies, to give away a few next Christmas. It has to be in the top ten perfect Christmas CD's and I couldn't bear to leave them there, unloved...

Both these CD's have music that just makes you want to grab your sweetie and snuggle dance around the kitchen, don't you think? It does me anyway.

and I'll leave this one out to browse through, throughout 2009. I came home with my little purchases, feeling like I'd found great treasures.


Kelly said...

Oh how fun! Makes me want to go hunt for some bargains, too, but the rain outside makes it a better day for staying in:-)

Gretchen said... are a baaaad influence, my friend. Of course I love it. And I'm sure I'll find something I "need".

There happens to be a 1/2pb on my way home from dropping my dtr off at school.

As Steve Irwin, God rest him, the Croc Hunter would say: "Danger! Danger! Danger!" But really, look how much I'll be saving. Those cds and that book--practically free.

Anonymous said...

Hm, I love 1/2 priced books too. I love the little surprises I always seem to find there. I've done almost my entire Christmas shopping for the nieces and nephews there in years past. Oops, gotta run . . . I think I hear it calling my name!

Barb said...

Oh, that Bing Crosby is a classic! What a good deal you got on those.

Funny, I'm getting ready to post a post almost identical to this one. But you know that since I emailed you all about my great finds last night. LOL

secondofwett said...

Christmas music IS Bing and Johnny...can't go wrong with them! Enjoy!

Doris said...

There are none in GA. :(
Great finds!