Thursday, January 8, 2009

Grown Up

The first time we saw his face, it was just above hers, poking through our back screen door. They'd driven home from college for the weekend as a surprise. She said, "Hi Mom", and he said "Hi Mom" in spite of the fact that we'd never met.

The grin on his face - I swear I knew. He was the one.

He was.

That's been about 14 years ago. Back then he wore his cap backward, he seemed to always be tanned, wearing khaki shorts that had frays hanging from the legholes, and sandals.

When we see him now, he's usually dressed for work, or on his John Deere mowing the 'lawn' (and I use that term loosely due to the sheer size of it!), with the John Deere cap to match, and generally one of the boys is along for the ride, or he's running around the worship center of church, talking into a headset, or up on the stage preaching like nobody's business. I really enjoy the last one.

He goes by his middle name, but he didn't when we met him. Back then he was just Chris, and DH and I have stuck with that one, even when the rest of the family has made the switch. There's something very cozy feeling by calling him the name Sarah does, sort of a parent-protective feeling to it, not that he needs it, but it's just what parents do even when they try not to.

So today is a grown-up birthday for him. Anytime a birthday age has a zero or a five after it, it carries a bit more significance than the others.

Backwards cap to Elf Hat - We're all blessed to have him as family. We just want him to know, today, how much we love him for the man he's grown into, the husband and father he is. Happy Birthday Chris. We love you.


Becky said...

What a great post! He is such a cutie! Can I say that??? I think I can, since I am old enough to be his children's grandma.

And boy do those boys look like their daddy.

Happy Birthday to the guy with two names and one great mother-in-law.

Emma Caroline said...

Wow! What a caring lovely mother-in-law you are. I am in awe. (Seriously.)

Emma Caroline said...

BTW - I found your blog, I don't even know how, but I have been commenting and you don't know me. Please let me know if I am intruding and I will stop visiting your blog.

Gretchen said...

for all of it.

Barb said...

On top of all his other fine qualities, he's also gorgeous.

One of the best things about you and Don moving to Texas is that the first time I visit you, I'll finally get to meet Chris.

Happy Birthday to him!

Ann said...

What great pictures and a wonderful way to pay tribute to your "extra" son. Sarah is a very lucky young lady...

Betty said...

Great post. You are blessed!

Deidre said...

I love that last picture - I remember when Sarah first posted it last year (so sad she's not blogging anymore, by the way).

Great tribute to your son-in-law.

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, this made me tear up. (Do you notice I say that here frequently? Can't help it... loving families do that to me!My girls don't even notice my teary eyes anymmore, they are so used to their sappy momma!)

There is no greater gift parents can give their daughter than to love her husband as their own; I know, my parents are the same and it blesses me so. You are so wise to share these words with him, what a blessing to speak such love into his life. I'm sure it means more to him than any gift he receives.

Linds said...

Beautiful, Bev. Sarah is one very lucky lady. I am also sad she has stopped blogging, by the way. Great photos! And Happy Birthday to Chris!

Sarah said...

Totally biased, but he sure is cute! :)

I'll makes sure he sees this post!

And I can say it, even if you didn't:

35 :)