Friday, February 20, 2009

Brilliance and Progress

I didn't take photos, but then really how exciting would it be for you all to see my Goodwill pile? I did want to report on progress, because that's even more thrilling than checking off my list, which I totally did.

Basement? Check! Completely done :-) Today I cleaned the rec room, made a run to the Goodwill so the back of the car was empty, then I loaded it with 8 boxes that I'm taking to the post office tomorrow. They'll all be arriving at our son's and DIL's home in about ten days, and we arrive in 14, so we'll load them into the rental car and drive them to the lakehouse. The boxes are full of very fun things like sofa covers (soft green) to cover up the pink and blue plaid, serving spoons, fun pillows, cookbooks, family photos, movies, just whatever had ended up in the pile in the last two months. Lots of stuff that will make it feel a bit more like home to us. It also makes this place less cluttered.

I had a big pile of professionally framed family photos and could not figure out what to do with them - they were too big, and fragile, to ship, but you can't leave them out when a house is on the market. All of a sudden I noticed the antique trunk we use as a coffee table in the rec room - opened the lid, popped them all inside, closed the lid. Voila!

Then when I was talking to daughter, Sarah today she had the most brilliant idea. Buy a plastic opened top bin, the kind that has little wheels on it, and store them under each bed. When we get ready for a showing, pull the bin out, throw in anything that makes the room look cluttery, roll it back under the bed. Under the bed is seriously the only place you can count on home shoppers not looking, except possibly your washer and dryer. I'll be buying them tomorrow. I was thrilled with the suggestion and Sarah was thrilled to be called brilliant.

Tomorrow, pack away the Snow Village, wash down the walls of the stairwell, run the boxes to the post office and try not to groan when I pay for the shipping, and then to Walmart to buy plastic bins.

Making progress, every day. So we're taking Sunday off. Life is too short, and sweet, to work all the time. Happy weekend everyone.


Barb said...

I have two of those under-the-bed plastic containers with wheels. They're perfect for storing winter clothes and things like that. Very clever of Sarah to suggest it to you. Even after you move, you'll be glad you have them.

How fun to be shipping things to the new house. I know you and Don are looking forward to spending a week there and having things like spoons and cookbooks and pillows and whatever will make it feel more like home.

Pink and blue plaid? Good grief. Sure Fit - Help! xoxo

Susanne said...

That truly was a brilliant idea!

So exciting to get to spend some time at the lake house and have some things that are yours waiting there to unpack.

Brooke said...

Measure the space under the beds!

The first set I got to hide under the bed were too tall for my space!!!

I keep a small tape measure in my purse. People laugh, but I'm always prepared!!!

Keep the updates coming! You are inspiring me!