Sunday, February 22, 2009

'If I Were A Rich Man......'

I'll be up a bit earlier than usual, to enjoy coffee and the morning paper with Manly. The view out our front door, of a lawn powdered with one of Old Man Winter's last little shouts, makes it feel all the more cozy inside.

After a bit bundle up and head out for breakfast at his favorite haunt. They serve 'Country Breakfast' 24/7. Ham, hashbrowns, and 'sunny-side-up' please.

Drive into the city. At age 74, Topov is singing the lead role in Fiddler on the Roof. I loved reading last week he's been married for 52 years to the same woman - I just can't wait to hear the room fill with 'If I were a rich man.....' How I would love to take my mother with us.

Back in time to attend our church's Annual Congregational Meeting. As an enticement to come out, we've been given notice dessert will follow. It works for us. If we're lucky they'll still have two slices of homemade pie. Who cares what kind? It's homemade.

Finally, back home to pajamas and dig-ups while we watch The Academy Awards from the front row of our family room. We haven't seen several of the movies up for big awards, but it'll still be fun to watch together. Maybe Manly will build a fire.

Sound like Sabbath Sunday? We think so. We're rich indeed, in all of what's truly important in life - family, faith, simple things.


Barb said...

Oh my word, I didn't realize you were seeing the real deal, with Topov. Mom would be over the moon if she could see it with you.

What fun and what a nice, warm and peaceful evening you have lined up. Same here...except we're seeing a movie, then having a nice dinner and watching the awards together.

Perfect way to start a new week.


Becky said...

It sounds absolutely delightful. Enjoy every moment ... and then give us the details :)

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Would you believe I've never seen "Fiddler" all the way through? I've seen bits and pieces when they've shown it on TV but that's it. Glad you're getting to see it though and I hope it's all you want it to be.

Sounds like a nice restful day for you. My sister Ducky is asleep on the couch after our dinner of chicken pot pie, Lamar has gone for a walk and I'm reading and commenting on blogs. I'll probably join Ducky shortly, then it's back to church for class and preaching.

Have a great day, Bev. :o)



Linda said...

It sounds like a wonderful sunday Bev - filled with lovely and joyful things. Enjoy every minute of it.

Susanne said...

Sounds so wonderful! We actually had a wonderful Sabbath Sunday too. Church in the morning, then an old friend over for lunch. Then over to my Dad's for a few games of pool and now my mom is over for tea and a movie, Ever After, one of my all time faves.

Jen said...

Sounds like a prefect day. I love those days.

Kelly said...

Rich, indeed!

Sounds like a great Sunday to me:-)

Gretchen said...

You bring back sweet memories of my first "date".

8th grade.

Gunny sack knock off. Burgundy.


His parents drove us all the way to Berthoud to the dinner theater there and we saw FOTR. sigh. I even got a corsage.