Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lovely Laundry and D-Day

Last dragon to slay - the horribly cluttered laundry room. I've put it off it far too long.

Messy, messy everywhere. The biggest problem with this room is two-fold: #1 it's long and skinny so it's hard to figure out how to use the space. #2 it's multi-purpose, so a bit of everything ends up in here. Laundry, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, and 33 years of photos that need to be scrapbooked. (Any volunteers?)

I do believe Fly Lady would call this a 'hot spot'. Oh yeah, painting center 101 here too.

Three hours later - voila! Much better :-) Fly Lady would approve I think.

I boxed up and moved downstairs all the photos, except the wedding album I'm actually working on. These are going to have to travel to Texas with me, and hopefully when D is fishing for all those bass, I can be cropping away. Once in awhile I can get on the walkie talkie and yell out an 'atta-boy' to him. If I send a sandwich with him, I'll keep him at bay longer.

The boys got tired just watching me work so hard, and decided to take a nap together. Dog circle! I think the one on the right got the better end of the deal, literally...

Perfect southern girl lunch. Black eyed peas over rice and a diet coke. A certain one of my daughters told me it made her want to throw up, thinking of it. I eat this anytime D heads out of town, since he tends to share sentiments with her and not me.

See how sweet Miss Miah is? I don't know what we'll do during the showings, but she's going to Texas with me for sure. I call her my little 'dog/cat'. How could anyone not love her?

Mr. Realtor will be here later today, and after he gives me his opinion on the questions I asked you all a few days ago, I'll post them. We'll see what he has to say - about Miss Miah and everything else.


Becky said...

It was comforting to see you still have the old fashioned w/d set like I do. Everyone seems to have moved to the new fangled front loaders on steroids. I'll get there eventually I suppose.

You did a great job. Now go around today and take pictures of every single room and then post them on your blog for a house tour. That was what I did yesterday when things were suddenly clean around here.

Have a great weekend. Good luck with the Realtor appt. I'm sure he is going to be very impressed. He'll probably tell you not to change a thing (since you alread did all your work).

Gretchen said...

My goodness, you're a worker bee. No wonder the "boys" are tired. And sweet Miah? Well she may just turn me into a cat person. I lurve her little face puzzling over why Mom has a camera facing her.

You don't happen to want to declutter and paint a home in the NW, do you? We're not moving, but watching all the cleaning you and Barb have done has made me tired.

Barb said...

Dog circle. :-) I love that. Love the photo of sweet Miah too.

Remember when I flooded that laundry room? I was mortified.

It's a great room - I'd love to have a room like that.

I can't wait to see how the realtor's answers to your questions compare to the answers you got from all of us.


pcb said...

Your buyer (cause I know there will be one immediately) should offer to pay you extra for all the fabulous cleanliness of it all. Wow. If you're like me you're wishing you had done this earlier so you could enjoy it longer. Like I said, I don't think your home will be on the market long at all.

Muffy's Mom said...

Wow Bev...your house is so beautiful & clean!! It will sell in no time! I am in the process of decluttering mine....some things are hard to get rid of. I just went in the girls' room & took down the older pictures from the shelves, walked into the front room where I have my crop table set up & proceeded to put every one of them on scrapbook pages for each of their books that I will give them when they are older.
1st time I have done that & it felt good. Usually the pictures sit around. I too have 30+ years of pictures to work on. We need to get together & crop for a week- what fun would that be?!
Susan D

Sarah said...

Mom, the laundry room looks great! You should see what mine looks like today--even your "before" picture would look good next to it :)

But there are TWO things wrong with your food pic--besides the grody beans, is that caffeine-free Diet Coke??? tsk, tsk!! You know we don't carry any of that stuff here, right? ;)

I'm glad all went well with MR today, and I can't wait to hear the # he comes back with! (Price is Right chant, "Big money, big money, big money!")

I'll talk to you tomorrow! Remind me to tell you what I did wrong with the curtains . . .