Monday, March 2, 2009

All 39 Photos of the House, if you dare...

It took over a year to conquer the five page spread sheet, which we honestly did have, and that alone makes it hard to believe I gave birth to this person, but some of you might find comfort in how different you might turn out than those loins you originated from.

So I give you, after being asked by a few more than nice people who read this blog, the final product: Our gussied up home, just about ready to put on the market:

The above photo is after her paint job, summer '08, when we went khaki with green shutters. I thought the white columns and porch railing would pop out.

She was still white here - but I wanted you to see the front beds. There are the sweetest azalea bushes here, with tiny little pink buds that look like sweetheart roses. I usually cut some and bring them indoors to enjoy. My favorite shrub in the entire yard.

I'll be sad to leave the beautiful clematis behind. They cover both sides of the railing by the front door, and were Mother's Day gifts for several years. There are more that climb the lightpole by the driveway.

The wind-out awning helps cut the sun when it actually shines here in Pittsburgh.

So come on in, please pardon the dog. He called dibs on this spot, and at 90 lbs. we don't argue with him. He lets us know when killer squirrels are in the yard.

Living room on a sunny day. Faux fireplace I discovered at a garage sale, that I dearly love, at the end of the room .

I'll be leaving the window treatments if the new owners want them. The tacky pillow on the sofa is for the cat's naps. She isn't offended by the orangeness of it.

Looking into the entry and up the stairs to the bedrooms, from the living room.

Powder room potty. Small but sweet.

I've always thought this old painting, found at an antique store many years ago, gave the room some chutzpah. I love the plaster frame on it.

This is the cleanest these counters have ever been.....

Again, I love the funky wall - the plain brick was just too boring for me.

Eating area looking out to deck - nice place to watch the birds come to the feeders.

Dining room opens to kitchen and living room. We used this just last night for a birthday dinner.

Family room is off the kitchen. Dog bedroom, aka office, is directly behind the family room.

The fireplace is big enough to roast a pig, but we usually go with wood.

I write blog posts here and sometimes pay bills, in this room we added a few years back. It's nice to have, so all five bedrooms upstairs can be used for sleeping. Probably the most exciting thing we did to the house was hire someone to punch a hole in the wall and install the window over the file cabinets. It made such a big difference in the amount of light in the room. We installed a french door to this room so it can be shut off when entertaining, and soundproofed the wall to block noise from the TV next door. Not that any of the men in the house turn the TV up too loud, thereby annoying the female who is trying to pay the bills....

Main floor laundry room with built in scrapbooking table at the end. Not that I ever actually scrapbook but it would be a good place, if I did.

That's it for the main level - let's go upstairs :-)

We installed neutral carpet three years ago throughout the upstairs, to make it more quiet and warmer, but there are original wood floors underneath, if anyone was of a mind to rip the carpet out.

Master bedroom - holds a king size bed with some room to spare. Please tell me you love the pillows - D does not.

Double closets and room for a sitting area.

Master potty - with shower.

Main bathroom, tub/shower, off upstairs hall.

Bedroom #2 - holding queen sized bed.

With room for a nice reading spot.

Bedroom #3 is a nursery across hall from master bedroom. With four grandchildren already, and hopefully more someday, having a functioning nursery comes in very handy.

Lots of bedtime stories and extra rocking here. If you squeeze the sheep's ear, he baaas...

We call bedroom #4 the 'yellow room'- holding a double bed, a basinette, and a reading spot. It happens to be my favorite even though I never sleep in it.

Bedroom #5 has two twin beds. We push these together to make a king when the kids come to visit. Surprisingly there's still room for a chest of drawers and a luggage rack. Big closet has attic access.

Okay, that's it for the upstairs - let's go down two floors, to the basement.

You develop great calf muscles, living in this house!

Small rec room, at bottom of stairs, with room for a TV. Don't tell anyone, that antique trunk is full of framed family photos I don't know what to do with!

Rec room, looking over to pool area. I'd love the buyers to want this slate table. It's way too much work to move it!

Where I get buff. Okay, that's a lie. Where I'm supposed to exercise.

This is where I'd rather be - my craft room.

Fun, fun room - with great built in closets. Technically, I guess this is a 6 bedroom house. It would be great for a kid you didn't like, or maybe a college kid who didn't like you.

Storage room with gift wrap center. Holiday stuff under stairs. D added this big closet for coats, golf clubs, baby equipment not being used. I love this room!

Beer fridge, freezer, and a wall of shelves. And prison for any dogs I'm upset with.

Last stop, let's go see the garage. We painted the floor and applied those color chips, then put a sweet little rug that says, "Got Dirt?" I love that little rug and actually had fun painting the garage floor too.

Mancave, off rec room at beginning of garage. It's messy but he gets enough done that I don't say a word. Production over neatness any day!

Holds two Durangos, even though they almost kiss in the process.

That's it - end of tour. I sure hope we don't have a lot of tire kickers, because it's just way too much house to clean, top to bottom, unless they're serious.

Home sweet home, every inch of it. Not quite ready, but close. Mulch, flowers and a few last items and we'll see if anyone else wants to love her.


Dena said...

i found you from your daughter's blog, just love her...then started reading your sweet sisters journey thru quit smoking & spring cleaning, she's a hoot.

your home is gorgeous and I'd buy it if i was re-locating to PA. :o)

happy selling.

Kelly said...

Oh Bev, thanks so much for the tour. It's so fun to see where all those fun memories you write about are made! I kept thinking, oh this is my favorite room, then the next would come along and that one would win. So I guess I love it all!(But the nursery is oh, so sweet!)

I'm sure you'll sell in no time, and I'm praying the whole process goes well for you.

Betty said...

You have a lovely home! I´m sure you will miss it! (and it´s huge!)

Kate said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! If I bought it I would break into the fireplace from the kitchen and have the fireplace be open to both rooms!! Wouldn't that be wonderful??

Could you tell me more about painting your garage?? I live in upstate NY with TONS of salt and snow and our 40 year old original garage floor is just a MESS of erosion that you canNOT sweep because all you do is sweep dust everywhere. And all day long little tiny broken bits of garage floor come in on our shoes and litter my entrance rug. It's awful and I hate it. I looked into a professional resealing it but it was way too expensive. What did you do to your garage?? What kind of paint is it? What kind of prep work needed to be done? Does it LAST?? Will it help my eroded parts?? Must you fill the holes? The surface resembles a cake or muffin if you were to break it open....small, shallow holes everywhere with gritty dirt and dust in them. If your solution would help me, please let me know!! Thanks so much!

Gretchen said...

I think my calves are toned, just by reading this, Bev. Beautiful home. Beautifully lived in and spruced up. If I can feel "home" just by reading your post, I know your buyers will feel it on their walk throughs. It's as if you're saying g'bye to her, so you're treating her well, that you may have no regrets. She's served you and Manly well.

Becky said...

That was wonderful! Thank you so much for doing this. I feel like I have been to your home for a visit.

I think you will sell it without any trouble. It is so well cared for, so loved, so beautiful. Keep us posted.

The last 2 houses we sold we did so on the first day it was on the market to the first people that walked in. Halelujah!! Go for it!!

Bev said...

Kate, I tried to contact you but clicking on your name doesnt bring me to a blog or email address. If you'd like to email me (it's on my sidebar) I'd be happy to give you more information. It was relatively easy and cost us about $300 for two kits from Lowes. We couldnt park on it for a week to let it cure well, but it wasn't difficult really.

pcb said...

I really think you have a home that will sell quickly, and it's one that the right buyer will love and want to make memories in...and that will make it easier for you to leave it. Your hard work shows. And yes, I looked at every single picture!

Ann said...

I don't suppose you could transport this house to Dallas, when you move to Texas this summer, huh?? This house sounds perfect for our family, especially the basement where I could put my 18 yos...who seems to be in our space and we in his!!

dianne - bunny trails said...

Wow Bev! Your house is beautiful!! I hope everything comes together quickly for you.

I haven't been by in awhile. I know, such a slacker. Love the new bloggy look - it's so fun and springy and happy!!


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Assuming that I had the money to buy a house (which I don't!) and assuming that I could easily navigate stairs (which I can't, dratted arthritic knees!) I would seriously be ready to put some money down, Bev.

Of course that's also assuming that you could ship it UPS to Arkansas too, LOL!

I honestly don't think you'll have a bit of trouble selling your house and I think it will sell much quicker than you may think. Good luck and praying hard that it will be so for you! :o)



Sarah said...

Mom, it looks beautiful! Oddly enough, it was the garage floor I liked seeing the most--the flecks are fun! Everything looks perfect for showing, although I hope you don't have to do it much!

And totally laughing at your first line. I'd love to post photos of my house, as well--our houses are about as opposite as could be, too! Your Traditional Home; my Texas Ranch. The only similarity is that both have a golden retriever inside :)

Susanne said...

Bev, it really is such a beautiful home. I just know there is a family out there who it will be just perfect for. Thanks for giving us a peek.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

It gorgeous!! Makes me wish we were moving to PA :) And yes, I like the pillows very much (Sorry, D). I wish the best with selling it.

joan said...

Hi Bev,

Your home looks great. I am sure any family would love to make it their new home. I wish my home was that neat and fresh. LOL Good luck!

Barb said...

My favorite room is the yellow room upstairs, where I slept for ten days. I loved that room.

I can't remember what year it was I came to visit you - it must have been 7 or 8 years ago? But I remember every single square inch of your house. Lots of little changes, but basically it's all the same and I can't remember when I've ever been in a home that felt more comfortable.

Not a doubt in my'll sell quickly. :-)

Lynne said...

Your house is beautiful! I'd buy it in a heartbeat - that is if I needed a nice big house in Pittsburgh!

Even with today's economy, you shouldn't have any trouble selling.

You've done a great job with the painting and staging. Looks ready to move into.

Chris said...

Wow - you must feel so relieved to get that 5 page list all done. Your house looks great!

I especially love your family room, craft room, porch and deck. That rocking chair on the porch looks like a perfect place to read a book.

And now, you can go to TX and relax and enjoy your family.

Dianne said...

great work bev. now sit back and - no, wasn't going to say relax - but enjoy the work of your hands, for as long as you are there to do so! you deserve it.

Sammy said...

Hi Bev,

I'm Jewish; Do you know what chutzpah means? I'm not sure that painting's got it! LOL.

Great tour of your home! I love seeing how other people decorate! Good luck selling. I bet it will be snatched up as soon as you put it on the market. :-)

Bev said...

Hello Sammy :-) Actually I do indeed know what 'chutzpah' means, at least the Websters def: impudence or audacity. I was saying it's impudent or bold of this big painting to be in that little room, taking up pretty much the entire room. I've always loved that it's so big and in such an unpredictable place as a little potty!

gail@more than a song said...

You've done a great job, your home is beautiful! That's good that the housing market is good for y'all there, should have no problem selling it. It looks ready to move into!
Have fun in's supposed to be 80 in MS this weekend so you should have some nice weather.

Renna said...

Your home is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Beck said...

Your house is beautiful and BIG! I'd buy it, if it was in my town. Everyone could have their own room! xoxo