Thursday, February 5, 2009

Satisfying Day

Up at 6:30 am, morning chores. Devotions with coffee, today was Thursday so it was 'pray specifically for Dan and Janae'*, after the usual - "Lord, please take care of, watch over, bless, encourage, guide, etc. etc." everyone else.

Then I headed off to Creative Team meeting - the area I'm currently serving at our church. A group of about ten people who meet once a week, with our two worship pastors, someone from the tech area, and once in awhile our senior pastor joins us, as we look over the upcoming sermon series. We spend a couple of hours brainstorming, bouncing ideas off each other's brains, to develop the sermons in a way that helps people connect more with God and the church body. That's it - that's all we do - and it's just a fabulous way to serve.

Then run through Starbucks where I grab a Apple Cider Caramel something and a blueberry scone for the drive. I run a few errands, including picking up a big boy carseat (on sale at Target) for Landon. He's outgrown the first one we had, and we'll keep that tucked away for future babies we're praying for. One more gallon of trim paint should just about do it, and something pretty to hang over the potty in the newly finished bathroom - Manly's suggestion, and I want the man to know I do pay attention when he gives me decorating advice! (He was right, just the touch it needed.)

After dropping the paint off at home because it's all of five degrees outside and it'll freeze in the car, I give the dogs a pat on the head, and I'm off again. This time to meet a dear friend at Bravos for lunch - crusted chicken salads and coffee, then we head to the movie theater.

I.D.I.D.N.O.T.O.R.D.E.R.P.O.P.C.O.R.N.F.O.R.T.H.E.M.O.V.I.E. - first time in ten years, seriously, so I think it's noteworthy.

We sat and watched 'Last Chance Harvey' together, talking a little bit too much during the movie, but nobody asked us to stop talking. They have before when we've gone to movies together. Hug goodbye and each go our own ways.

Back home, pat the dogs hello, start supper, Manly walks in the door, we sit down with two glasses of rosy red wine, where we chat about our day. Now it's bedtime, time to tuck the day in, and get ready for another. A completely satisfying day, on all levels. Isn't it nice to have those, once in awhile.

What's your idea of a really satisfying day? What's it look like?

*Somebody asked before - my prayer schedule: Monday - Manly, Tuesday - Chris & Sarah, Wednesday - Jeremy & Leslie, Thursday - Dan & Janae, Friday - our church pastors, staff, Saturday - those sick & hurting, Sunday - day of praise.


Jen said...

I enjoy these kind of days too. I also like days I successfully clean the house and it smells good.

Movie with a friend int he middle of the day....lucky girl.

Becky said...

That was completely satisfying to read about. What a great day. Service, work, fun, fellowship, food, husband, all the things in life that are really up there.

I bet you slept well :)

Kelly said...

Wow! Sounds like a great day:-)

A satisfying day for me is one in which I feel like I accomplish something on my list, instead of just chasing the calls and emails (business related)that seem, too often, to dictate the pace of my day.

Hoping tomorrow is one of those days:-)

zeelandchick said...

Sounds like a great day! Mine usually includes a stop at a thrift store or two...and the best day would include a great bargain purchase at said thrift store! Oh, and the day wouldn't be complete without a game of bowling and a round of golf with the hubby on the Wii.

I like your idea of the prayer schedule. That might make me more disciplined. I get such great ideas from you blogger ladies! (That's partly what keeps me from having those full, satisfying days...I'm always on my computer reading all about everyone else's days!!)

Emma Caroline said...

You are so good.
I'm not there yet.
I try to be good.

Linda said...

I enjoyed the day with you. I think,for me, a satisfying day is getting done all the things I had hoped to do. It always must include just a little "me" time too because my husband is home full-time and we are together most of the day.
I really like your prayer schedule.

Gretchen said...

Just "listening" to your satisfying day is about good enough for me. Sounds just right.

I'm currently on a vacuum break. Did the first floor--deeply--under rugs and furniture and in nooks and crannies. Blech. So this is my reward before going upstairs. The only yuck part is vacuumming the stairs, but the other rooms go pretty fast. I guess I care a bit less the less people I know will see the areas. We're having a worship ministry game night here. Pretty excited because this is pretty much the first time DH has openly agreed to having a big nest of Christians over to his house. I think knowing even Christians play Wii and XBox helps. ;) So...after vac and dust, I'm pretty much done. We'll do build your own sundaes for those not on diets and veggie/fruit and cheese trays for the healthy eaters.

My perfect day? A little of the Lord, a little bit of work (but must be something I like to do), lunch and a movie out or lunch and shopping, a nap, game or movie with the kids, and take out in bed with DH, watching one of our shows.

Becky said...

BTW ... that Sarah is CRACKING ME UP!!!

You raised a spitfire in her and I commend you for it. She delights me.