Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle

Has everyone else heard of this? This 47 year old woman who sang in the foreign version of American Idol.

You have to hear her - get kleenex ready for the wonderfulness of it.

If my link doesn't work (doggone it, I cant figure out how to load YouTube to my blog anymore), just type Susan Boyle in the search bar. Completely fabulous, and a great way to start your day off.


Dianne said...

I made mike watch this with me last night and he just rolled his eyes and said "7 minutes - sheesh!" When it was over he said, "play it again!"

Gretchen said...

I've played this for both of my children. I wanted my "not" typical son to really see it most of all, though. The one who feels afraid to show who he really is, based on the woundings of kids who've made fun or worse...have avoided him. I wanted him to see...That God doesn't make junk. That being yourself is the best self to be. That truly...each of us is made in His likeness.

God bless Susan Boyle.

Renna said...

I saw it yesterday. Indeed very moving!

Barb said...

Proff that sisters think alike! I just posted exactly the same thing this morning - and you can't embed this video. You Tube says that they disabled the embedding by request. So the only way to link people to it is the way you and I did - giving them the actual link.

I've watched it over and over, it so amazing. Her voice is amazing, but even more, the way Simon smiles in this video is something we rarely see. I just loved this!