Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nightly Knitting

The evening routine at our house: a glass of wine together at the kitchen table to talk over our day with each other, then move to the family room, with dinner on TV trays. I know, I know - wretched, but the kids are grown and gone, and when they lived here we ate every single meal around the table. Now we like to eat on TV trays, in front of the TV. And watch Tivo'd programs so we can zap the annoying commercials. Actually it's very fun to watch American Idol singing and the results on the same night, or two episodes of Lost in one evening, with hopes that will somehow make it all make sense.

After dinner is cleared away I knit. Every single night. I keep a basket of knitting right beside my chair, and it's a nice way to spend the evening, just knitting away while Don mans the remote. Men like to man the remote and that's fine with me.

So here's my latest result of nightly knitting. A very exciting petal dishcloth.

So it's not really very exciting, but I still love it for it's homeyness. I was having so much fun knitting it, I kept on going and it has two more points than it should, which means it has a little lump in the middle, but that's okay. So do I... I'm still really happy with how it turned out. With this knitting project I learned how to do a partial bind off, to knit and turn around and knit the other direction, a new way to bind off, and to count how many points I've done, no matter how much fun I'm having.

It's going to do a dandy job of those nightly dishes we clear away. And tonight I get to start a brand new pattern. I'm thinking, 'Bamboo Cloth Variation 2', knit up in something pink with some nice baby soap for a new mommy.


Becky said...

I love that the dishcloths give me a chance to learn a new stitch without committing to a full sized afghan or something. That is how I learned to do Right and Left twists. And cabling.

And your dishcloth is so pretty. Such a lovely spring-y design I think. It would make anyone (almost) happy to do the dishes :)

Gretchen said...

Okay, I've officially been left in the dust with you and Becky and your partial bind offs, etc. LOL.

But I don't care. I too love the fact that doing a wash cloth is enough to make you feel accomplished, but also has no real pressure to it.

I love the petals!

Robin said...

Bev that's exactly how I feel about knitting. Right now I'm doing the Mr. Foster monkey from KnitPicks and it is the most challenging thing I have ever tried. But gosh darn it - I love it! I'm learning so many new things and it goes fast enough that I don't get bored at all.
Love you dishcloth - I'm almost ready to share the ones I've been working on - I love them!

Barb said...

You crack me up, with your "little lump in the middle." What a sweet, sweet dishcloth. Who cares how many points it has - it's adorable.

SentimentsbyDenise said...

I think the dishcloth is lovely! So much, that I want to learn how to knit! I've been seeing all the wonderful little projects bloggers are showing online these days and it makes me want to learn. Is this an easy pattern for a beginner? Or should I start with something else? Do you have a beginner book to recommend?

Michelle said...

Bev-tha and Barb-tha.I wish I could knit and make a new cloth everynight. Lovely pattern btw.