Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cant Even Think of a Title for This....

#1 Our life is just nuts right now, every single day seems to be packed to the gills and crazy and no matter what we plan, it all goes to hell in a handbasket at some point in the day. Just thought I'd share so you will feel better about how yours is going....

#2 I have a surprise - can't tell. That's all I can say, and I'll tell you as soon as I can. It's a fun surprise.

#3 Our son, Dan got our boat out of the boathouse today, finally, after eight months of it being dry docked. We've been there twice, hoping to get it out and could not, so we've been checking lake levels daily for eight months. We plan to sell it, since it's a ski boat and Don wants a fishing boat. It had to be insured since it was technically in the lake, but now it's in the shop. Boat insurance will be cancelled tomorrow, and we should be getting a check for $130 back. Tickles me to pieces, and one thing off the proverbial list that is starting to make my eyes twitch.

#4 We have a couple of bats hanging out in the attic (get the mental picture and giggle with me over it) again, but this time we have a plan to deal with them once and for all. I'm very tired of dealing with stupid, stupid, stupid bats. My vote was to put up a bathouse in the backyard. Don did not agree. I'm way over stupid stupid stupid bats. I don't care how many mosquitos they eat. There's back yard foggers for that. And please, if you're a PETA person, please do not email me and tell me they are wonderful and beneficial and yada yada yada. They're a cross to bear, and I'm sick to death of them. Having woods in your back yard is a bit over-rated.

#5 We've been busy with showings since the house listing went active again, which is wonderful news, just makes having a bat or two walking around in the attic not the coolest thing in the world.

#6 The last time I went to Lowes, I hit some man's car with my car door, and we ended up calling the police and in the middle of it all, I got called for a showing of the house in one hour. Today at Lowes, my daughter's car battery died, we were stuck in a spot where it would not be easy to jump the car, and in the middle of all that the phone rang with a showing of our house in one hour. Thank you God, literally, that the person parked directly across from us came out within minutes and happened, just happened to be an auto mechanic.

#7 Just so you know, if you run up and hug the neck of a perfect stranger in the parking lot of Lowes, because he's an auto mechanic and made your dead car start, you are probably going to embarrass your kid. Don't know what came over me, I was just so stinkin' thankful he was there and the car started, and we could drive home, scoop up smelly dogs, stage the house and be out of there in the nick of time, that I hugged his neck. His wife was standing there and laughed her head off.

#8 I'm avoiding Lowes for awhile, and I don't care how good lookin' the guy is who plays Batman, I'm not so much into watching it for awhile either.


Becky said...

You undoubtedly know that hugging the neck of a perfect stranger in the Lowe's parking lot is considered common courtesy here in the south.

You will fit RIGHT IN when you sell that house. This week. Getting your full amount. And find a rental the next day that is perfect.

Your God stories just never end :)

Gretchen said...

So...the bats making you batty, huh? I know. I couldn't resist. Even though I should've. Pray for my self control, wouldjya?

Glad the list items are ticking off nicely. Here's to $130! Woo Woo. Sounds like it could be used for Bev's much needed massage. :) But you'll probably buy bat repellent or some such article.

Blessings on your week.

pendy said...

Life can get CRAZY, can't it? However, your attitude is going to get you through it, even the bats!

Sarah said...

We're Home Depot folks, ourselves :)

Hope tomorrow begins a new round of happies!

Barb said...

(Sarah cracks me up. LOL)

Since I've been getting the daily reports on all this, I'm simply going to say hooray for finally getting that boat in the shop. I know that was really bugging you.

Notice I didn't say it was making you batty. xoxoxo

PS - I think even a PETA person would be less than thrilled to have bats in the attic if his house was on the market.

Jen said...

I was going to say...dont go to Lowes for awhile..seems you dont have much luck while you are You do seem very busy...a good busy though.

Kelly said...

Exciting news? Can't wait to hear what it is:-)

Linda said...

Back from vacation and trying to catch up with everyone. I'm so sorry the sale fell through. I know how that feels...
I'm with you on the bats. We were visiting friends once years ago, when a bat decided to join us in the livingroom. You never saw a house clear out faster! Yuck!! They need to stay in caves.
Love the Lowe's stories. I guess it might be a good idea to avoid the place for a while though :-)

Susanne said...

We only have Home Depot and Totem which I'm thinking might be a really good thing! ;v)

You know you can't tell me you have a surprise and then make me wait. It will drive me nuts. Bet you thought I was going to say batty, didn't you? LOL.

Karen said...

Can't wait for your fun, exciting news! So sorry for bats and plans that go kaput--I think I'd rather have my plans go kaput than to have to deal with bats! UGH!! Hope things start looking up from here!! Love and blessings, Karen

Becky said...

Praising God for #6. YEAH GOD!

I deemed our day "crazy" yesterday, too.

My Grandmother died (she was 103), as well as a good friend; he was a groomsman in our wedding.

One daughter in Honduras and one daughter headed to East Asia.

So, felt at "loose ends;" yet knowing and trusting in God's sovereignty that is hemmed in securely and beautifully with nothing but grace, mercy, love, and yet... mystery.

One of my favorite sayings holds true: "Life is hard; but God is good."

May your days become calmer, cooler, and more collected in the near future...and the bats ~ a new home far, far away.

Karen said...

I am figuring out how to comment on your blog... I love checking your site and you write so much the way I remember you talking!! Makes me lonesome for you. When we "retire" will we slow down some? My craziness is just starting - - my LAST day of work is tomorrow!!! I am soooo ready and looking forward to getting going on the house sale.

Kristi said...

You should watch out for Lowe's. My mother-in-law got run over by a forklift there a few years ago. I am not joking!! She still says to this day that she never saw or heard it coming :) (She is fine now, it just messed up her wrist).