Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing!

The Wild Things, a local, not quite minor league level, ball team plays near us. It's the greatest setting, a small stadium where everyone has a good seat, lots of crowd games go on during the game, giving away free gas, or tickets, etc. while the mascot, Wild Thing, wanders the crowd. He (or she) mostly visits with the little kids. Standing about seven feet tall, it's easy to spot him (or her) anywhere in the stadium.

We went to quite a few games last year too, when Landon was not quite two. He was TERRIFIED of Wild Thing, and the minute he'd spot him, he'd bury his face into someone's chest, peeking out now and then to see if he'd moved on. Even when he wasn't nearby Landon was constantly on Wild Thing alert. Was he near? Was he approaching?

As summer rolled into fall, Landon did a flip-flop and fell deeply in love with Wild Thing, and just could not get enough of him. Who knows why. There's a framed photo of Wild Thing in his bedroom, and he's been eyeing his baseball glove for months now, waiting for opening night, when he might catch a ball. At least he knew he'd get to see his furry friend again.

Last night was opening night and we got free tickets right behind home plate. Within seconds of entering the stadium Wild Thing was spotted, alive and well. As the game wore on and the crowd thinned out, Landon saw him nearby, stood up and waved, then proceeded to pull down a stadium seat next to him. He stood there patting the seat, making it clear he was waiting for Wild Thing to come have a seat, and watch the game with him.

And he did. Wild Thing isn't allowed to speak (so we don't know if he's a he or a she), but he is allowed to lean in for snuggles, give pats, and thumbs up. And pose for photos.

Great night at the ballpark, and I'm sure we'll be back for many more. Even when our own lives aren't that simple, it's a blessing to see a little one so tickled over the presence of one furry "Wild Monster" as Landon so lovingly refers to him.


Susanne said...

Oh that brings back so many memories. One of my kids hated the mascots too when they were about two and totally changed their minds by four and then couldn't get enough. How fun that Landon had Wild Thing sit right next to him.

Barb said...

Oh my goodness, that photo is adorable, Bev. He's precious. And this may be the best title you've ever come up with for a post - perfect!

Leah in Iowa said...

So glad he came full-circle, and is now embracing Wild Thing. That is just the sweetest picture. Glad you all had a great time!

Gretchen said...

So cute! BFF!

My dtr loved the princesses at Landon's age when we went to Disneyland. But Mickey? Goofy? Donald? They were freak-outs waiting to happen. We had to do a lot of desensitizing to get good pictures. :)