Saturday, May 30, 2009

Secrets are Growing Left and Right

Pssttt. I have TWO secrets to share, just not quite yet.....

but soon!

One is going to just tickle you, make you smile and you'll be happy for me. One is going to make your jaw drop, and I may get some hate e(mail).

It's probably only fair to give a clue or two...

#1 I've prayed about this one for ten years, at least.

#2 I've cursed over this a few times, but lately actually shed some tears over it!

I'll reveal #1 within just a few days, the other one - the jury is still out on when to reveal that...

Stay tuned!

P.S. Daughter, Leslie got two birthday presents from us: one was a white porch swing for their back porch. Her Daddy is going to help Jeremy hang it Sunday. The other - she got her cat back. She had it two years, then we had it eight years and our grandson, Landon adores Miah, so she's moved into their house. If I miss her too much, I'll just go over for a visit.


Kelly said...

Hmmmm... I couldn't even guess what you have up your sleeve, but I can't wait to find out:-)

The porch swing sounds like the perfect gift for your daughter's new house... I have been wishing for one for our new front porch, myself. I should probably wait until I have finished some of the home improvement projects, first though, or they may not ever be gotten around to!

Ann said...

No fair leaving hints, but not giving us the answers to your secrets!! But we'll be on the edge of our couches waiting to hear them!
What a wonderful gift for your daughter...I wish I had a porch big enough to put a swing on.

Barb said...

Since I'm your sister, and I know what your secrets are, I'm getting a kick out of the clues you've given everyone. Very clever. And even if people try to guess what your secrets are, they never will.

I'm still smiling over the porch swing - I wish I could have seen her face. I'll bet she was thrilled. What a perfect gift for her. xoxoxo

Jill said...

My next house is going to have a big front porch for a swing. Here neighbors tend to be on their decks more. Only thing is that you don't see your neighbors as much because of fences etc.