Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Night for .....

Last night was my last soak in this tub. Tonight is my last night to sleep in this house. After 13 years. That's a chunk of my life, and I imagine waking up somewhere else is going to feel odd for awhile. As I was soaking in the bubbly, scalding hot water I found myself thinking about the lasts. It stayed with me as I climbed under the covers and tried to sleep.

You cannot fall asleep thinking of such weighty things. So I turned off the 'last' list and settled in. Maybe instead I'll start a list of 'firsts' - that's much cheerier.

Tomorrow, settled into our condo, starts the first day to have no grass to mow, first winter (coming up) to have no snow to shovel. First place to live, in awhile, that I can clean top to bottom in under an hour. First time to live near a golf course, complete with ponds and canadian geese who have many hungry little ones waddling behind. First time I have a huge demand for all that leftover bread I tend to accumulate in the fridge.

There you go - much cheerier, just as I imagined.


Becky said...

Indeed after all the planning and work and selling, not selling, selling again, it seems to have come very quickly all at once. I agree it will take a bit of getting used to for you.

But it leads to such happy retirement in Texas in a lovely lakehouse only hours from two of your children, 3 active grandchildren, and a brand new grandbaby coming soon.

It's all good.

Barb said...

Absolutely. A list of firsts is a lot cheerier than all those lasts. I'm tickled pink for you and Don and I'm amazed how quickly this phase is going. It probably doesn't seem like it's going fast to you, but my end, it's flying by.

Ten days from now you can drive by that house and say, "We used to live there."

Sarah said...

Oh! That IS sad! I remember going to look at the house with Les and Dan on my (snowy) spring break, and waiting forever for you and Dad to walk through it all--remember all the houseplants that lady had?? Millions! It's a completely different house now, wonderful for the next family to make their memories. But I'm going to miss it--Chris and I both are sad not to be able to see it again. But I was already sad, last year when I was there, knowing that would be the last time I'd see it.

So come here quick and make your new house "home" so we can all stop being sad!!

Gretchen said...

Grieving, just a little, as I see you go thru this. And hoping so much that the new roots will be just as satisfying. The good thing about all this prep time and forethought is that you've had a lot of time to get used to the idea. I imagine the bad thing is, it's like taking off a band-aid, hair by hair. Sending hugs and prayers over the details.

Dana~Are We There Yet? said...

Enjoy your firsts, Bev. They sound wonderful!

Susanne said...

The bread first made me laugh right out loud. Now that is looking at things positively! LOL. And I never knew you had Canada geese there.

You have so many great firsts coming, Bev! That little list was just the beginning! Happy first day in your new condo!