Monday, June 22, 2009

Spoonin' Again!

I can't say how long it's been since we've slept together, but a long time. Maybe six years, maybe more, but about that long ago we started sleeping in separate bedrooms. Living in a house with five, there were several vacant to choose from, so I moved 'next door'.

Everything about it made sense. We both slept better. But I missed him. Missed him enough that I didn't care if the background noise was a bit of snoring, or wiggling around in the bed during the night. The early morning sounds of him rustling around, getting ready for work - well, that's a sound to be thankful for anyway.

Since we're making all sorts of changes in our lifestyle, and that includes a smaller place to live with two bedrooms and close spaces, I decided to move back in. Being honest, he wasn't completely sure about it. Being creatures of habit, he'd gotten used to having the entire bed, and I'd become a nightowl. I'd developed the habit of staying up too late reading in bed (this sometimes included eating chocolate chips or microwave popcorn out of the bag.)

So we're back to one bed, one bedroom. The other one has a little office space and a sweet toddler bed for when our grandson, Landon comes for sleepovers. There is no place for either of us to go to. We have to adjust.

I've already realized I don't need flannel pjs anymore - there's the body heat of another person warming up the place. So we cranked up the ceiling fan.

And reaching out and feeling those fingers spanning across the pillows to touch mine one last time, before we doze off, it's what I've been missing all these years. Spoonin' again is pure sweetness!


Kelly said...

So sweet. While Rusty was recovering from his surgery he had to sleep in a recliner, and intitially I was so lost without him I couldn't sleep. Just about the time I adjusted and became a bed hog, he moved back in. Snoring and all... I'm still glad to have him, and understand your feelings well.

Hope you're settling into the new place, and enjoying the extra time now that you have less to maintain.

Gretchen said...

Awww...I bet it is sweet. When D travels, I don't sleep as well for a few nights. Even if you're just reading or watching TV together, it's bonding time. Nice to have that touch of a foot or hand. And I'm not glad that he has sleep apnea, but I sure am glad that he wears a c-pap machine. Nice, tiny white noise is all I hear. Bliss. :)

Barb said...

Only a grandmother would dedicate one of her only two bedrooms to her grandchild. :-)

Linda said...

Absolutely. This was such a sweet post Bev.