Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Blogger, Blogging About Babies

Last night in Dallas, Dan is in class, so Janae and I planned a girl's night out. Was I tickled or what, when she asked me to help her work on their NEW BLOG? Hurrah, hurrah!

After dinner out at Babe's (don't tell her OB dr. who suggested she avoid fried foods for awhile), and actually, we were proud we didn't ask for seconds on anything, we headed to a Starbucks in Uptown. Walked in, spied a big leather sofa off in the corner and settled in for the evening.

Janae had to buy a gift card, so she could buy a coffee from it, so we could get 'free' wifi, but it worked. I'm not sure that's how they do it back home, I honestly think we have to pay by the useage, but for the entire evening all we saw of the other customers was the top of their heads. Some tables had two or three people hovering over their laptops. Makes for a very quiet coffee shop when nobody's talking.

Except Janae and me. We chattered like magpies, likely annoying anyone within ear shot of us. Two hours later their blog is all fixed up, cute as can be, with fun links and stuff on it. There's even a cute little pea in the pod ticker to show when Baby Gibson will be arriving. So if you're related to us, or know us up close and personal, or are just somehow attracted to our family strangeness in that every single family member blogs, you can go HERE to check them out and say hello. This first post has photos of their annual Florida trip, which is all about fishing, but eventually you might see the Baby Bump, and get some baby details. Dan's the outdoorsman so if he gets ahold of her password, you might see the results of nasty wild boar hunts.

One of the fun things about family is that everybody has quirks. When all your kids get married they bring new things to the table. New ideas, new ways of celebrating holidays, new sayings, new favorite dishes. I'm not afraid of most things that actually have the potential to be harmful, but I'm terrified of crickets, cicadias, lizards, frogs. Janae has a funny list of things that scare her (most of which at least have the potential of being harmful) but has yet to meet a reptile she didn't like. It endears her to all the young males in our family and amazes the girls. Her funniest quirk may be that she's psycho about taking photos, no matter what you happen to look like at any given time. So if you'd like to see her take on life (especially through pictures), while expecting first baby, you can check out their new blog. Please remember that most of us look better with makeup and notice to suck in our stomachs...

And I only wish I could show you, right here, her version of 'polite pointing'. It makes all of us roll every single time we see it.


Nana said...

Just wanted to say that I started reading your blog after reading your sister Barb's blog. I really enjoy hearing stories about your families. I live in North Fort Worth. What is the name of the lake where you are moving to? Just curious.

SentimentsbyDenise said...

Oh how fun! The whole family is blogging!
I stopped by and left a welcome comment.
I think she'll do well - after all she has so much family support!

Barb said...

You two did a great job with her new blog. How fun to have them blogging and posting photos.

Becky said...

What a treat to have so much fun with your DIL. Someday I want to have three DILs just like that. Maybe without the love for gators. Although they can love the Gators. If you aren't a central Florida resident you may have no idea what that means but trust me, there is a difference.

I am heading over right now to say "Hey!"

Dan & Janae said...

Didn't we have fun last night!!! Can't wait for you to move here!! And thank you for helping me start our family/baby blog---hopefully I will get better at it ;). We love and miss you!

Kelly said...

OK, so I would love to see the "polite point"... aren't family jokes just the best?

I will definitely pop over to say hello... it's quite the blogging empire y'all have going here:-)

Hope you are relishing every second of being home with nothing to pack or unpack.

Gretchen said...

Blessings to Dan & Janae & baby to be--with all the fun firsts that entails. So great that you have such a lovely time & that quirks are celebrated ( or at least well tolerated). :). I'll go say "hi" when I get to a laptop or pc. Too hard to do much from my phone, but Ive missed you.