Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sliding into Home, Literally

Years ago my husband and I were at a company picnic, when a game of softball started.

I don't have an athletic bone in my body. I decided to play anyway. When I surprised myself by actually hitting the ball, I got so excited I ran toward first base, and seeing that I might not make it, I slid with all I had. Trashed the fabric of my shorts and the skin on my knee cap before I realized everyone was laughing at me. Apparently you overrun first base, you don't slide into it.

That's great for softball, but not so much for life.

I'm home - home sweet home, such as it is. A two bedroom condo, with a teensy little kitchen and a deck that barely holds the two of us for an evening glass of wine, watching life roll by literally. The highway is a stone's throw away, so we sit and listen to the sound of tires flying by, as everyone hurries home, sipping our wine and talking over the day. Or at least that's what we've done a few times, and that's our plan til it gets too cool here to sit outside. Just slide.

Getting home after an extended trip away, I find myself in the mood to cook, and bake, and sew and read and all those other snuggly, settle-into-your-nest kind of activities. Today, my first day home, I stopped at the grocery and picked up: fresh salmon, tilapia, canned crab, some juicy peaches and bing cherries, and then a slew of fresh veggies to stir fry. My copy of The New Moosewood Cookbook arrived while I was gone, and I'm thinking tomorrow may include an extended cup of coffee on that deck, looking over recipes, then slide into that little kitchen of ours and see what I can whip up.

Did I mention before that I also have the Martha Cookie Cookbook, and I'm really, really in the mood to bake cookies. I'm thinking one batch a week, different each week of course. Nothing to make the place feel homey like being busy in the kitchen.

Slidin' into home - no overrunning bases for me for awhile.

PS Our family doctor prescribed muscle relaxants for the pulled muscle(s) in my back and warned me they might make me sleepy. I told him I'm quite happy to do some sleeping for awhile too. Cook, bake cookies, take naps - what's not to love about that? And since it's all of 75 - 80 degrees here, it sounds like just the ticket to me. Stay tuned for some yummy recipes :-)


Anonymous said...

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Becky said...

Welcome home! Glad you made it safely and got some relief for your back. You'll be so ready for that lakehouse after living in the highway condo! Enjoy!

Dawn said...

You poor thing. That must of hurt physically and emotionally. I'm sure the cookies will help heal both ; )

Susanne said...

Welcome back to your new little place. Your sliding plans sound wonderful to me. I could stand some napping, reading and cookie baking myself but I'll have to live vicariously through your stories. It is busy and loud around here!

Karen said...

My stomach is growling as I read about all you want to cook...could you send some back Texas way? ha ha! Enjoy! Love and blessings, Karen

Barb said...

Perfect. Absolutely perfect. And a long time coming. xoxoxo

Linda said...

It all sounds homey, cozy and wonderful. Hope your back feels better real soon.

Ann said...

Can't wait to read all about your yummy cookie recipes! I'm trying to bake more and we all love cookies...but I'm trying not to eat don't make them too yummy!!

Kim said...

You may have already decided on the Mac vs. PC but thought, just in case, I'd throw my two cents in :-) We had PCs for YEARS and YEARS. Our son worked his way through college as an I.T. guy and now owns his own computer business and works primarily on PCs.

BUT he owns a Mac and now so do the rest of us. As he put it, he doesn't have time to fix his own computer so he'd better have one that doesn't need fixing very often! LOL

We LOVE the Mac. Actually we have both 'cause we picked up a cheap PC as a second computer. Much prefer the Mac!!!

BTW, we bought our Mac refurbished but with the same warranty as new and it cost us a LOT less.

Gretchen said...

At least there'll be no scabby knees when you slide this time. Hugs!